A Daily Stretching Routine for People Short on Time

Increase your range of motion, reduce your risk for injuries, lower stress, and simply feel good with this daily stretching routine. Plus—you can squeeze it in anytime and anywhere.

4 Trapezius Stretches That Experts Recommend

Ease up tension in your neck, shoulders, and back with these trapezius stretches to maintain flexibility and range of motion.

4 Hip Flexor Stretches That Relieve Pain and Tightness

If you spend most of your day sitting, use these expert-recommended hip flexor stretches to alleviate low back pain and...

4 Chest Stretches to Help Improve Posture and Reverse Slouching

Slouching all day has probably made your chest muscles tight—use these daily chest stretches to help loosen things up.

5 Ways to Stretch Your Ankles so You Can Move Easier

Whether you're feeling tightness or pain in your legs, these ankle stretches should be a part of your daily routine—they'll...

How to Do a Scorpion Stretch—and Why Your Hips and Back Will Love It

The scorpion stretch isn't nearly as scary as it sounds. In fact, it's a great way to increase the flexibility...

9 Benefits of Stretching That Will Convince You to Do It Daily

Why is stretching important? The benefits of stretching include everything from improved flexibility and strength to stress relief.

5 Stretching Exercises for Seniors—or Anyone Who Feels Achy

Keep your body limber and supple at any age with these full-body stretches. Plus, learn the benefits of stretching as...

4 Quad Stretches Everyone Should Know

When your legs are feeling tight, use these quad stretches to help loosen them up.

5 Stretches for Upper Back Pain

Do these simple expert-approved stretches for upper back pain to help alleviate pent-up tension and increase mobility.

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10 Stretches That Can Help Strengthen Your Back

Prevent a back injury and keep your back muscles flexible by adding these exercises into your stretching routine.

4 Expert Tips You Need to Know to Stretch Properly

Here's how to deepen your stretches and improve your flexibility and posture

6 Essential Cool Down Stretches to Help Avoid Injury

They're only going to benefit you in the end.

Why You Should Make Post-Workout Stretching a Priority

Flexibility is not always the easiest to maintain — but this tip could help.

6 Hidden Muscles That Are Causing You Pain

Come and meet your piriformis, supraspinatus, and other muscles you've never heard of. They may be the reason for your...

What Happens When You Stretch Muscles Properly?

Stretching may be inconvenient, but it's super important. Find out what stretches do for your body and what happens when...

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5 Simple Stretches to Ease an Aching Back

Your aching back! The majority of adults will experience some degree of back pain during their lives. Here's help

5 Essential Stretches for Flexibility

Keeping muscles long and loose is key to aging well. Follow along with our stretching routine to improve your flexibility

3 Stretches to Ease Holiday-Induced Aches and Pains

The holidays can put a strain on your body and bring on lower back pain. These stretches can help ease...

Recovery stretch

Bounce back faster after a workout by doing this stretch before you hit the showers

8 stretches you can do at your desk

Sitting for extended periods of time without a proper break can lead to back pain, neck strain and worse. Here's...

Dynamic stretching: Try forward leg swing

Before workouts, the new thinking is that it's a good idea to warm up with 'dynamic stretches.'

Best Stretch: Reclining Twist

Make stretching part of your daily wellness routine

10 essential stretches for summer athletes

Don't let an injury sideline you for the summer. Stretch regularly to get the most out of your workouts

Boost your energy with Wide Leg Hero Pose

Sometimes, a simple stretch can strengthen the mind and body

8 stretches to ease tight hips

Achy, tight hip flexors are a common problem, especially if you have a desk job. Get relief with these stretches

Office Hip Stretch

This yoga stretch helps relieve muscles that are tight from sitting for long periods

Lower-Back Extension Stretch

Sitting for long periods of time can put a strain on your back. Doing this stretch frequently will help

IT Band Stretch

Tight or inflamed IT bands can cause major problems. Here's how to keep yours healthy

Seated Chest Stretch

Break up your workday with this chest stretch, which will also help improve posture