10 Running Mistakes You Didn’t Know You Were Making

Running can be a good, inexpensive way to stay in shape and relieve stress, but not if you're doing it wrong.

Shin Splints: Why They Happen and How to Avoid Them

Do your shins ache when you run, dance, or jump around? It may be shin splints. Here are the symptoms,...

Tips for Finding Your Best Pair of Running Shoes

Your next great run starts with the right footwear. Here’s how to hit your stride.

Expert Tips for Training for a Half Marathon

So you’ve decided to run your first half-marathon. Ah-mazing! Not only are you gaining lifetime bragging rights but new research...

The Key to Achieving Your Running Goals? Have an Incentive

One writer shares why booking a springtime race in Barcelona was the best motivation to keep her logging kilometres.

ASICS is Hosting a 5K Fun Run to Celebrate Global Running Day

Lace up and hit the pavement for Global Running Day!

Why Chicago Marathon is the Perfect Destination Race

Why you should choose Chicago Marathon as your next destination race. Plus, how to plan your weekend in the Windy...

Beginner’s Guide to Training for a Half Marathon

With the number of half-marathon finishers increasing exponentially every year, and more women crushing their PBs, the half-marathon is having...

Running Gear Guide: 22 Spring Pieces To Get You To The Finish Line

Get ready for race season with these essential running items.

20 Things Every Woman Needs to Know About Running

From osteoporosis prevention to pelvic floor health, these running tips are just for women.

How Running a Marathon Helped Me Take Back My Health

Turns out, running a marathon wasn't the most mentally and physically challenging thing I've ever done. Here's what was –...

10 Reasons the Apple Watch Series 4 is a Game Changer for Runners

Putting the new Apple Watch Series 4 to the test.

How This Non-Runner Ended Up Clocking 15,000 KM On The NRC App

When Amy Patel started running it was one kilometre at a time. How did she go from non-runner to clocking...

The Simple Way I Learned to Enjoy Running Again

How running became a moving meditation practice for me.

How to Love Running (From Someone Who Used to Hate It!)

Once upon a time, I'd rather shoot myself in the foot than run a kilometre. Not anymore.

3 Seriously Good Winter Running Layers to Keep You Toasty

Just because it's cold outside doesn't mean you have to hit the treadmill to get in a good run. Head...

What It’s Like To Run In Under Armour’s HOVR Sonic Running Shoes

Under Armour just launched its new Hovr sole on two new shoes, including the Sonic. We find out what the...

“I Got Into Running To Be A Better Nurse”

Seeing her patients deal with their own health issues helped this nurse realize she needed to take control of health....

“I Ran The 305-K Ragnar Relay, And Made Friends For Life.”

One woman's story about running the 305-K Rangar relay to help young girls in her community. It's a pretty powerful...

Time For Running: Yes, You Deserve The Run And The Me-Time

We can always find an excuse not to go for a run. So to flip the script, here’s a how-to...

Simple Diet Changes (And Other Fixes) Can Help You Avoid Runner’s Diarrhea

Do you suffer from runner's diarrhea? Here’s how to deal with this common problem with just a few simple changes...

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The Best Health Runner’s Workout

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A Strength Workout For Runners

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