Find everything you need to live your best life, from advice on how to set healthy boundaries to the best sex toys—including gender-neutral options—available in Canada.

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You Know Your Love Language—How About Your Sex Language?

Learning your sex language can help transform your sexual experiences from here on out.

Why Long-Term Partners Feel Each Other’s Pain, According to Science

Studies indicate that long-term intimate relationships can actually influence physical and mental health over time.

Digestive Disorders Affect More Women Than Men. So Why Is It So Hard To Get a Diagnosis?

Women with digestive disorders are often dismissed and ignored, leading to pain and mental anguish.

How the Pandemic Proved the Importance of No-Touch Abortions

Dr. Meghan McGrattan, an ob-gyn resident at the University of Toronto, outlines what the pandemic taught us virtual care's role...

The Quick and Easy Way to Save COVID Vaccine Passports on an iPhone

Saving your COVID-19 vaccine passport to your iPhone will only take a few minutes, but can save a lot of...

Mouth Breather? Here’s What You Need to Know

Breathing through your mouth, rather than your nose, can come with a host of unpleasant symptoms.

Green Your Orgasms with Sustainable Sex Toys

Your sex toy might not be “the one,” but it lasts in the environment forever.

“Fat Doesn’t Fly”: Inside the Culture of Body Shaming in Figure Skating

Female athletes competing in aesthetic sports, such as figure skating, experience so much body shaming it’s the equivalent of emotional...

Speed Skater Alyson Charles: “I Consider Myself Lucky”

Short track speed skater Alyson Charles, who is competing at the Beijing 2022 Olympics, shares her experience with body image...

Paralympian Brittany Hudak: “I Didn’t Think About Body Image Until I Became an Elite Athlete”

Paralympian Brittany Hudak, who is competing at the 2022 Paralympics in Beijing, shares her experience with body image pressures in...

Bobsledder Cynthia Appiah: “I Looked Phenomenal, but I Felt Absolutely Terrible”

Bobsleigh pilot Cynthia Appiah shares this candid essay about her experience with body image issues in elite sports.

Alpine Skier Erin Mielzynski: “I Was Just Trying To Be Perfect”

Alpine skier and host of Unspoken Bravery podcast, Erin Mielzynski shares this candid essay about her experience...

Olympic Legend Catriona Le May Doan: “I Worried About How People Viewed Me My Whole Career”

Catriona Le May Doan shares this candid essay about her experience with body image issues in elite sports.

Incredible Black Women Who Are Changing Canadian Health Care

The changemakers Canadians ought to know about, according to seven Black doctors and health care researchers.

Why You Might Want to Add a Bidet to Your Toilet

The bidet has been common in many parts of the world, but now it’s catching on in North America.

5 Reasons to Strengthen Your Core

The core is about more than just ab muscles—it's the body's powerhouse. Here are five amazing things that happen when...

Make the Most of Your Time Indoors with These Craft Kits for Adults

Crafting may seem like trivial, but it turns out that activities like knitting and pottery have beautiful mental health benefits.

Vaginitis: Do You Have This Common Condition?

Find out if your symptoms point to vaginitis, and if so, what you can do.

Will I Need a 4th Dose of the COVID Vaccine?

Our understanding of COVID variants and fourth doses is still evolving. Here is what we know so far.

5 Ways to Get the Most out of a Plank

First, make sure you're planking properly. Then get the most out of this full-body exercise with these easy modifications.

Why I Celebrate My Birthday With Therapy

Here's why a talk therapy session makes a surprisingly good birthday gift to yourself.

Food for Thought: Can What We Eat Influence Our Mental Health?

We dug into the latest research in nutritional psychiatry to find out.

How Birth Control Can Impact Your Breast Size

Some forms of birth control will change your breast size, and others won't.

9 Things Doctors Wish You Knew About Shovelling Snow

Are you shovelling snow wrong? Here's how to stay safe, according to doctors.

These Smart Swim Goggles Bring Fitness Tech Underwater

Swimming is a wonderfully low-tech activity—so do these smart swimming goggles disrupt or enhance the experience?

Sex Toys Don’t Need Genders

Five Canadians on why gender inclusive sex toys are important.

If Omicron Is Rampant and Less Severe, Why Bother With Prevention at All?

Dr. Kieran Quinn explains the fundamental problem with this attitude towards COVID-19 infections.

How to Make Time for Yourself, According to Science

We’re conditioned to be go-go-go. And it’s bad for our health. So how do we slow down and log some...

6 Yoga Poses That’ll Help Keep You Healthy at Any Age

Try these poses a few times a week to help your body feel good.