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Flossing is essential for healthy teeth—if you have the right technique. Here's a step-by-step guide to proper flossing.

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Brushing Alone Is Not Enough

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35 Secrets Your Dentist Won’t Tell You

What came out of their mouths will change the way you treat yours.

Mamelon Teeth: Why You Have Ridges on Your Teeth

Mamelon bumps are ridges on the edges of teeth that don't cause big problems, but can prevent the "perfect smile."

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10 Teeth Whitening Mistakes to Avoid

In the quest for pearly white teeth, it's easy to fall into bad bleaching habits that can do more harm...

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5 Oral Care Tips for When You Can’t Get to the Dentist

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12 Teeth-Cleaning Mistakes That Make Dentists Cringe

We asked dentists to reveal the dental mistakes that make them cringe, from rushing your toothbrushing to overusing whitening products.

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7 Surprising Home Remedies for Teeth Grinding

Health experts offer home remedies to help reduce teeth grinding and prevent complications like jaw pain.

What Doctors Need You to Know About TMJ Disorder

Medical experts reveal everything you need to know about how to prevent jaw pain and the types of treatments available,...

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Turns out there's a dark side to healthy habits like drinking spring water and even exercising: They could be damaging...

Do You Have Good Dental Etiquette?

Anxious about your visit to the dentist? Don't let your anxiety take control and mess with your manners. Instead, make...

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Try these dentist-approved remedies for sensitive teeth to alleviate pain, from desensitizing toothpaste to avoiding acidic foods and drinks.

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Metal mouth could be linked to what you eat, but it could also have to do with any of these...

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11 Home Remedies for a Toothache

Cavities, loose fillings, a cracked tooth, an abscess (a pocket of infection at the gum line), or a sinus condition...

What to Know if You’re a Mouth Breather

Breathing through you mouth, rather than your nose, can come with a host of unpleasant symptoms.

Why You Need To Start Taking Your Gum Health More Seriously

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The Real Reason Why Your Gums are Receding

It's probably not what you think.

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