Mental Health

Why are Women at Greater Risk for Alzheimer’s Disease?

Women are most likely to get Alzheimer's - of the estimated 747,000 Canadians living with the disease, about 70 percent...

5 Ways Being Healthy Makes You Happy

Making healthy choices may help improve your mental health. Here's how

Feeling Guilty? How Guilt Affects Your Health

The verdict is in: Guilt is like acid rain that eats away at our emotional health. Here's how to get...

The Reason You’re So Stressed (and How to Get Relief)

These days, our body is faced with a multitude of small, yet chronic stressors. Here's how to naturally relieve your...

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How St. John’s Wort Can Help Fight Depression

An unsuspecting sunshine-yellow flower, St. John's Wort is known for its mood boosting effect and is used to help treat...

5 Workouts for Your Brain

Just like your body, your brain needs regular exercise to stay in top form. Here are five simple--and effective--workouts for...

Top 5 Apps to Keep Your Brain Engaged

Stay on your toes and keep your mind active with these brain teasing apps

3 tips to help beat the winter blues

According to a survey commissioned by The Weather Network, 43 percent of Canadians have experienced or are currently experiencing winter

What it really means to be depressed

It's beyond the blues. Depression is a serious illness and, as the leading experts in this field are discovering, one...

Why are Canadians so anxious?

Anxiety disorders are on the rise in Canada. What can be done to ease our worries?

The most common anxiety disorders in Canada

An estimated 12 percent of Canadians suffer from an anxiety disorder. Here's a look at the most common disorders and...

Clara Hughes on the ‘Ride’ of her life

We sat down with Clara Hughes a few days before she began the epic 12,000 kilometre, 110-day ride known as...

Clara Hughes cycles for mental health awareness

We're so proud to be the national magazine partner for Clara's Big Ride. Here's a look at what's coming up...

Is it possible for women to have it all?

A constant balancing act is difficult to maintain, and attempting to do so can put your health and happiness at...

News: Why is schizophrenia on the rise in Canada?

According to a Canadian study published in the journal Psychiatry Research, cases of schizophrenia are on the rise in Canada,

How to find joy after losing a loved one

Three women share their stories about being widowed young'and how they handled their grief

How a DNA test could determine the best drug for you

Antidepressants that work for one person may not work for another. A new test that personalizes drug prescription could solve...

What is Nature Deficit Disorder?

Do you work in an office? You're likely at high risk.

What it’s like living with mental illness

Mental illness often appears in unsuspecting ways, and cannot be identified by an extra five pounds. Here, three Canadian women...

3 tips to help ease social anxiety

If crowds and social settings make you nervous, you're not alone. Try these strategies to help cope

News: Anorexic mother weighs less than her 7-year-old daughter

Rebecca Jones has suffered from anorexia for half her life and weighs less than her 7-year-old daughter Maisy. The 5-1

Is food addiction real?

Treating food addiction, a mental illness associated with anxiety and trauma, requires treating both mind and body

Are you an exercise addict?

If your life revolves around working out, you may need treatment for exercise addiction

4 surprising new facts about mental health

Did you know stress could be genetic? Results from the newest mental health research might surprise you

How to get over your fear of flying

Does the idea of having to fly leave you terrified? You may not fall in love with flying, but these...

5 reasons why we feel fear

Overcome your nerves and worry by recognizing what makes your phobias tick

What is orthorexia?

If you or someone you know is obsessed with healthy foods, they could be suffering from disordered eating