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11 Foods that Make Anxiety Worse

What you eat can contribute to anxiety.

How to Stop Worrying and Have a Happier Life

We may not be able to run away from our worries, but how do we keep them from running our...

12 Facts About Schizophrenia Psychiatrists Wish You Knew

Psychiatrists stress that you're not getting the real story from Hollywood's portrayals of this mental illness. Here's what schizophrenia really...

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13 Body-Positive Quotes to Remind You All Bodies Are Beautiful

These body-positive quotes may help you appreciate all bodies no matter their size, shape, or colour—even your own.

10 Truths About Postpartum Depression Your Ob-Gyn Wishes You Knew

Postpartum depression can affect a new mom with symptoms like insomnia, irritability, and difficulty bonding.

Is Your Therapy Working? 9 Signs Your Therapist Is Helping You

Are those pricey sessions paying off? Changes in your attitude and lifestyle may tell you if your therapy is working....

Frustrated Your Antidepressants Aren’t Working? Here’s What You Need To Know

About one-third of people on medication for depression don't find relief. Experts explain why.

Michelle Obama Talks About Having “Low-Grade Depression.” Do You Have It Too?

Feeling distressed is common right now. A psychiatrist gives advice on how to handle it.

Can You Ever Stop Taking Antidepressants?

The answer is most likely yes, but the process might look different for people depending on their health, outlook, medical...

Could Laughter Be the Best Medicine for Stress and Anxiety?

In these unprecedented days of stress and anxiety, here's an unlikely outlet: Improv. No, really! Here's why it works.

19 Therapist Tips for Finding Hope in Dark Times

Battling Covid-19, economic hardship, and racial injustice is overwhelming: These therapists offer ways to refuel your hope.

14 Magic Phrases to Instantly Calm Your Anxiety

Mental health experts reveal "magic" phrases to repeat to help calm anxiety and feel in control when you're overwhelmed with...

How to Know If Your Worries Are a Deeper Problem

At its core, anxiety is the body’s most basic survival mechanism—the fight-or-flight response. No wonder then that in these panicky...

How to Prevent Loneliness and Isolation from Harming Your Health

Social distancing is slowing Covid-19's spread but the enforced solitude may raise other risks and even shorten your life.

6 Ways to Fight Anxiety and Depression During Covid-19

Covid-19 has been a bit of a mood killer, wouldn't you agree? Here, an expert shares the best strategies to...

4 Ways to Boost Your Mental Health During Covid-19

Between the coronavirus pandemic, and other grim world news, my depression and anxiety are at an all-time high. How can...

9 Signs You Spend Way Too Much Time on Facebook

Even if you think your habits are normal, check for these silent signs you might be spending too much time...

A Science-Tested 10-Minute Anxiety Fix That Really Works

A 10-minute meditation may help people with anxiety perform better on tasks, a study suggests.

Bad Stress vs. Good Stress: 9 Ways to Know the Difference

Everyone focuses on the negative side of stress, but some stress is actually good for you. Here's how to tell...

How Wellness Experts Cope With Coronavirus-Related Stress

Check the news only twice a day, call your family, and… make your bed? Here are all the ways experts...

Bad News Can Take a Toll on Your Mental Health—Here’s How to Cope

With the coronavirus pandemic dominating the news, it can be hard not to slip into a funk. Here, a survivor...

12 Simple Ways Therapists Ward off Depression and Anxiety

Therapists have the same emotional highs and lows as everyone else, but they have useful tricks for managing negative emotions.

Depression During Quarantine: 13 Mental Health Tips from Therapists

Mental health experts offer tips to cope with depression if you or a loved one comes down with Covid-19.

8 Surprising Things That Are Linked to Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) is a serious mental health condition, and these are some of the risk factors and triggers...

13 Signs You Could Have Secondhand Stress

Stress is contagious, and being around certain people can set off your stress response, even when your own life is...

12 Stress “Facts” Psychologists Need You to Stop Believing

People have a lot of mistaken assumptions about stress—from how common it is to how dangerous it can be.

How CBD Helped One Woman With Anxiety and Sleep Problems

Michelle Smith has anxiety and trouble sleeping and uses a daily CBD tincture, in addition to exercise and meditation, to...