How do your hobbies keep you happy’contest rules

Find out how you can have a chance to win by telling us how your hobbies help keep you happy

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What did you do yesterday?

While this may read like an elementary school essay, it’s more about how I used Canada Day to focus on

Cottage Dreams: Celebrating cancer survival

How Seana O'Neill created an innovative program for cancer survivors'and, in doing so, found her passion

How DIY can make you happy

We may not have to grow our own food or make our own clothes'but for a growing number of women,...

How to simplify your life

Stressed and overworked have become the new normal'but it doesn't have to be that way. Learn how to prioritize and...

Mother’s Day gift ideas

Searching for the perfect present for Mom this May? Try one of these Mother's Day gift ideas

10 tips for being a healthy caregiver

Too often, caregivers spend so much time caring for others' needs that they neglect their own. Follow these 10 tips...

Could imposter syndrome be affecting you?

Are you plagued with self-doubt in light of your successes? Do you attribute your accomplishments to luck? You could be...

Are our pets overpampered?

Doggie spas, pricey chew toys, pet-specific bottled water...has society gone overboard? One writer thinks so'here's why

My healthy life: Dr. Judy Patterson

Family physician Judy Patterson found balance'by joining the Canadian Forces

My healthy life: Alison Korn

A former Olympic rower, Alison Korn balances early-bird workouts with the occasional brownie

My healthy life: Maxine Munro

Maxine Munro, an occupational therapist turned yoga instructor, dishes about downward dog and doughnuts

My healthy life: Sayeh Minoosepehr

Somehow, medical resident Sayeh Minoosepehr squeezes good health into a 90-hour workweek

The benefits of eco-friendly cleaners

There are plenty of new options in eco-friendly cleaning products'find out how to choose the right ones for your home

Wool: New and improved

Eco-friendly wool has gone high-tech. Try it for a more comfortable (and itch-free) workout and a better night's sleep

A new kind of hockey mom

How my wife discovered a love of playing hockey'and the exercise and camaraderie that come with it

Aromatherapy and essential oils: Benefits and uses

Aromatherapy can be soothing, uplifting, even healing'and it's easily incorporated into your day. Learn about the benefits of aromatherapy and...

12 resolutions for mind and spirit

This year, when brainstorming ways to improve your life, commit to thinking beyond just the body, and remember to feed...

Living walls to clean your home’s air

Build a green oasis in your home with a living wall, a vertical garden made of plants

Valentine’s Day gift ideas

Searching for the perfect Valentine's Day gift idea for your honey? Look no further than this collection of gifts for...

Simple steps to a better relationship

Whether your relationship's rocky or happy'or somewhere in between'there are steps you can take to make it even better. Try...

8 ways to cheat-proof your relationship

Preventive strategies to keep your partner happy and your relationship intact'and cheating-free

Best Health holiday gift guide

Looking for gift ideas this holiday season? Our editors' picks have something for everyone

Make giving gifts a pleasure again

Has gift-giving turned into a chore on your to-do list? It doesn't have to be that way. Find out how...

4 online tools to help you organize your life

Losing control? Take charge with these online tools that really will make things easier

Charitable giving: Gift ideas that help others

Looking for gift ideas for the person who has everything'or too much? Consider a gift for charity in their name...

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Certified asthma- and allergy-friendly bedding

If you or your family members suffer from allergies or asthma, you’re familiar with the challenge of making your house