How to Host a Virtual New Year’s Party

It's time to bid farewell to 2020, but the usual NYE bash is bound to change this year. Here's how to plan and host a virtual New Year's celebration that's still full of fun!

6 Women on How They’re Adapting Holiday Plans to be COVID-Safe

‘My daughter and her husband will travel from house to house, doing contact-less pick-ups and deliveries — they’ll be Mr....

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These reindeer tarts from Kim-Joy's new cookbook are the perfect way to get out of your baking slump.

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You could stick to the status quo with your holiday baking this year. Or, you could try these picture-perfect hedgehog...

Why Is It So Hard to Let Our Holiday Traditions Go?

Even the ones that, under normal, pre-Covid circumstances, we’d be complaining about?

Learn How to Make The Cutest. Holiday. Cookies. Ever

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Your Game Plan for Small-Scale, Stress-Free Holiday Meals

Claire Tansey answers your questions about how to make holiday meals special in a year that feels anything but.

Try These 3 Kitchen Hacks For Healthier Holiday Baking

Healthier baking is possible, when you add fibre and lower the fat content in cakes, squares and cookies. It's just...

3 Ways Mindfulness Can Help You Get Through the Holiday Season

Give yourself the gift of a calm, focused and happy holiday season by putting mindfulness 
and meditation at the top...

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14 Ways to Celebrate the Holidays at Home

Christmas 2020 will certainly be different, but there are plenty of ways to spread holiday cheer while keeping your family...

Red Pepper Jelly Makes the Best Homemade Holiday Gift

Sounds fancy, but we promise this simple red pepper jelly recipe is worth the bit of effort.

How Singing Can Raise Your Spirits During the Holiday Season

Struggling to stay merry this holiday season? Learn how choral singing can boost your mood—and your vocal range.

Why It’s Not Worth It to “Save” Your Calories This Holiday Season

Come January, we want to look back fondly on our holiday memories, not regretfully at our formerly fitting jeans. We...

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11 Holiday Cookies You’ll Want to Bake This Season

Bust out the cooking sheets and let your sweet tooth run wild with these Christmas cookies.

Every Holiday Movie Coming to Netflix Canada in 2020

From lavish musicals to quirky romantic comedies, these holiday movies on Netflix Canada will surely get you in the festive...

10 Potential Holiday Dangers for Your Dog

The holidays bring good cheer, which we all need, but they can also present some dangerous situations for your dog.

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89 Totally Perfect Wellness Gifts for the Year That Was 2020

Here it is: 89 gift ideas specially curated for the year that was 2020 (and all the feels that came...

19 Apps, Treats & Essentials from Whole Foods Canada for Easy Holiday Entertaining

Our holiday hosting motto: Why make it when you can fake it? Here, we've rounded up the best ready-to-go apps,...

6 Toronto-Based Experiential Gift Ideas for Everyone on Your List

We've rounded up our favourite gift ideas that focus on experiences in Toronto you can give to or partake in...

7 Tips for Avoiding Party Circuit Bingeing

’Tis the season for chic cocktail soirées, big buffet dinners and fabulous feasts. But the holiday-party circuit can lead to...

Avoid the Holiday Miseries—Here’s How to Be Merry All Season Long

Experts share ways to get your mind, body, and spirit in check so you’re unaffected by all the expectations of...

How to Enjoy Your Favourite Holiday Foods While Staying Healthy

Fitness and nutrition experts reveal how to indulge in all of the holiday's glories guilt-free—and how to get back on...

The All-Natural Caesar You Won’t Be Able To Resist This Holiday Season

Nothing beats a classic caesar, but why not kick your cocktail up a notch this holiday season with Walter's ready-to-serve...

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Don't leave for a shopping trip without these no-bake energy treats, which pack nuts, oats and seeds for instant snack...

11 Feng Shui Tricks to Help You Beat Holiday Stress

Feng shui—the art of maximizing positive energy in your living space—can be the antidote to holiday stress. Let this ancient...

Holiday Expectations Stressing You Out? Here’s What To Do

Who doesn't want a perfect Christmas? The flawless tree. Dinner without a hitch. But having holiday expectations that are out...

10 Ways to Stay Calm Amid the Holiday Chaos

Finding more “misery” than “merry” in your holiday plans? Maybe it’s time for a new tradition of tranquillity.

A Fruity Christmas Pudding for a Traditional Holiday Treat

Featuring fruits and sherry, this classic holiday dessert makes a decadent sweet treat.

5 Ways to Ensure You Have a Happier Holiday than Last Year’s

For some, the holidays can feel depressing or be disappointing. Here's how one woman learned to have a happier Christmas...

This Gingerbread Cake Is Packed With Heavenly Spices

When the weather outside is frightful, there's nothing more delightful than a guilt-free dessert.