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9 Ballet Stretches to Do for 10 Minutes a Day to Improve Your Flexibility

Here's why simple ballet moves can make you more flexible and which ones can target tight muscles, improve your workout performance, and even help you do the splits.

10 Signs You’re Out of Shape

With all this time spent at home in quarantine, it's easy to feel like you're out of shape—but how can...

8 Ways Pilates Benefits Your Body

Whether you're looking for a stronger core, better balance, or a calmer mind, Pilates can answer your needs.

6 Ways Pilates May Help You Lose Weight

Pilates includes low-impact exercises and small movements that focus on the core. Here's how the practice can help you slim...

50 Simple Ways to Boost Your Metabolism

Get the benefits of a higher metabolism with the help of these little tricks that provide a big payoff.

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14 Benefits of Walking for Just 15 Minutes

Walking is great for weight loss, but the benefits go far beyond—from higher energy and better mood to stress relief,...

4 Calf Stretches Everyone Needs

If you're feeling tightness in your lower body or pain in your feet or knees, it may be time to...

4 Hamstring Exercises You Can Do at Home

You don't need a gym membership to work your hamstrings. You can easily do these hamstring exercises at home.

Can Apple Fitness+ Change Your At-Home Workout Game?

We tried Apple's newest service to break out of our at-home exercise rut. Here's what you need to know, and...

The Types of Stretching Fitness Experts Recommend—and One They Avoid

Stretching improves your mobility, flexibility, and range of motion. Learn the main types of stretching, plus how and when to...

15 Items That’ll Make Your Bike Ride So Much Better

Whether you're a casual cyclist commuting around your city, a mountain biker chasing an adrenaline high or an off-road cyclist...

The Benefits of Biking, For Your Body and Mind

More women than ever are cycling — it’s a way increase your cardio, improve your mental health, connect with nature,...

Expert Tips on How to Buy a Bike Helmet

Protect your most precious asset by following this advice.

It’s the Summer of Two Wheels! Here Are Some Post-Ride Rituals to Try Now

These expert tips are sure to help you recover after a long bike ride — and get you ready for...

5 Handy Biking Apps to Amp Up Your Ride

Ready to get going on a bike ride? These apps can help you find new routes and navigate well-worn ones.

Can Collagen Really Help You Lose Weight?

Collagen may boost skin health, but its role in weight loss is unclear. Here's what to know about taking collagen...

This Is the Perfect Pandemic Sport to Get Into Now

Here are four ways that golf is shedding its rep as costly and difficult—plus, what you need to know before...

Here’s How to Get the Sweat Smell Out of Workout Clothes

Sweaty, soiled workout gear can start to stink if you don't wash it correctly. Try these tips to get the...

4 Quad Stretches Everyone Should Know

When your legs are feeling tight, use these quad stretches to help loosen them up.

What It Means if You Have Hip Pain When Running

That sore hip could be a strain, tear, or something else. Here's the scoop on possible causes, treatments, and prevention...

How to Clean Your Yoga Mat the Right Way

Disinfecting and cleaning your yoga mat regularly can prevent viruses, bacteria, and other germs from lingering, and it may help...

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7 Amazing Canadian Yoga Wear Brands (That Aren’t Lululemon)

Look great on and off the mat with these Canadian yoga wear brands.

16 Moves That Fitness Instructors Think Are a Waste of Your Time

Not all exercise is worth your effort. Wellness experts reveal the moves they think are a waste of time, and...

3 Everyday Ailments You Can Relieve With Yoga

We asked Kate Gillespie, a yoga instructor and legacy ambassador for Lululemon, to impart her yogi wisdom to soothe what...

5 Stretches for Upper Back Pain

Do these simple expert-approved stretches for upper back pain to help alleviate pent-up tension and increase mobility.

6 Great Spin Bikes that Cost Less Than a Peloton

Indoor bikes are a great way to stay active at home. These picks will get your heart rate pumping, and...

5 Stretches and Exercises for Shoulder Pain

Exercises that prevent shoulder pain help safeguard the stability and mobility of this highly complex joint.