What Are Diabetic Blisters? Here’s What You Need to Know

Diabetic blisters are a common skin condition when you have diabetes.

12 Silent Diabetes Complications You Need to Know About

High blood sugar levels can cause head-to-toe diabetes complications. Being aware of the risks can help you avoid them.

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Exercise for Diabetes: 12 Workout Tips for Diabetics

Experts share how to exercise for diabetes while staying safe and healthy.

Fenugreek: Can This Ancient Healing Seed Help Treat Diabetes?

The popular herb fenugreek has a long, rich history and research is revealing that it may deliver tremendous health benefits.

7 Ways to Maintain Healthy Blood Sugar Levels

Knowing what is a healthy blood sugar level is important when you have diabetes. Here are science-backed diet, exercise, and...

Prediabetes: What It Is and How You Can Still Prevent Diabetes

No one wants to hear that diagnosis. But, it doesn't necessarily mean diabetes is in your future. Here's how you...

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10 of the Best Herbs and Supplements for Diabetes

Can herbs or supplements help you control your diabetes? These 10 have shown promise in lowering blood sugar, boosting insulin...

12 Amazing Diabetes Breakthroughs of 2019

Better drugs. Lifestyle changes that really work. Impressive new technology. Here’s what’s new in the world of diabetes care.

12 Foods to Eat When You Have Diabetes—and 5 to Skip

What can diabetics eat other than, well, spinach salads? We've rounded up a dozen healthy foods, as well as five...

8 Foods That Prevent Diabetes (and 5 That Raise Your Risk)

Supercharge your meals with things like spinach and almonds—and skip the bacon.

The Worst Eating Habits For Diabetes

If you’re trying to lower blood sugar and stay healthy, make sure you aren’t committing these eating mistakes.

The Best and Worst Drinks If You’re a Diabetic

Liquid calories and nutrition can be good or bad for blood sugar and diabetes. Here's how you can get the...

Travelling With Diabetes Is Made Easier With This Checklist

Travelling with diabetes can be intimidating – if you don't know what to expect. Our checklist outlines what you need to...

This Simple Lifestyle Change May Help You Better Manage Your Diabetes

There may be an easier way to control diabetes than you think. Find out how you can manage this disease...

Yes, You Can Manage Type-2 Diabetes With Exercise

This is how the body responds when you manage type-2 diabetes with exercise I teach diabetes patients to manage their

25 Reasons Why Cutting Back On Sugar Could Better Your Health

Want better health? It's simple – cut back on sugar. Not only will it help with weight loss, it also...

How Your Diet Can Help Control Type 2 Diabetes

Looking to control type 2 diabetes? Improve your disease outcome by making these small, sustainable changes toward a healthier diet....

Simple Mini-Steps For Improving Your Diet When You Have Diabetes

If you've been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and don't know how to eat, we've got you covered. You can...

5 Signs of Prediabetes That Are Easy to Overlook

Could you be one of the six million Canadians with prediabetes?

Travelling With A Health Condition: 7 Steps To A Healthy And Successful Trip

As someone dealing with a health condition, you really do need a vacation. Here's how to plan ahead and have...

You’ve Just Been Diagnosed With Diabetes — Now What?

There’s no doubt about it, hearing the words “You have diabetes,” can be a shock to the system. But, with...

The Top 20 Foods for Beating Diabetes

What you eat can help you control and fight your diabetes. Incorporate these healthy foods into your diet

5 Essential Skincare Tips for Diabetics

Diabetes is a disease that can make skin extra dry and sensitive. Here's why this happens, plus our diabetic skin...

A Healthy Diet for Prediabetes

Prediabetes is a warning sign that it's time to make some lifestyle changes. Follow these healthy diet guidelines to eat...

What the bionic pancreas means for type 1 diabetics

November is Diabetes Awareness Month, and we're happy to share this good news

What you need to know about the different types of diabetes

November is Diabetes Awareness Month. Do you know the difference between type 1 and type 2? Here's why it's important...

10 celebrities who have diabetes

After a decades-long battle with high blood sugar, Tom Hanks says he has officially been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes....

The 2-Day Diabetes Diet: What to eat to lose weight

In the new Reader's Digest book, The 2-Day Diabetes Diet, dieting just two days a week blasts fat and balances...

8 habits for healthy blood sugar

Adopt these habits to help keep your blood sugar at a healthy level

News: Study suggests eating too much white rice may raise your diabetes risk

New research, published in the British Medical Journal, has found high-consumption of white rice to be associated with an increased