Antibacterial Soap vs. Regular Soap: Which Should You Be Using?

Turns out when it comes to fighting the novel coronavirus—and in general—there's a clear winner.

The Latest Face Mask Rules and How Often to Wash Them

Wearing a face mask during the coronavirus pandemic has become a daily practice. Here's what the Government of Canada and...

Can You Catch Coronavirus From Swimming?

Pools, beaches, and lakes are starting to open. Here's what you need to know to stay safe from coronavirus and...

How Will Fitness Studios Operate During Covid-19?

After being closed for over two months, independently-owned fitness studios and gyms are starting to reopen in Canada.

How I’m Managing My Eating Disorder During Coronavirus

Registered dietitian, Alana Kessler, shares how managing her eating disorder, bulimia, adds an extra level of difficulty to coronavirus quarantine.

18 Outdoor Games & Activities That’ll Make Summer 2020 So Much More Fun

Now that many summer events and activities are cancelled due to Covid-19, we're left to find other reasons to spend...

A Doctor Answers Your Questions on How Places Will Reopen During Covid-19

Here’s what may happen when shops, restaurants, hair salons, and offices reopen during the coronavirus pandemic.

Can the Coronavirus Increase Your Risk of a Stroke?

Doctors discuss the relationship between Covid-19 and stroke risk among younger patients, and what to do if you suspect a...

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What Is Dead Butt Syndrome? 6 Workout Moves That Help This Painful Condition

An exercise physiologist shares the best workouts to help "dead butt syndrome"—a painful condition, also known as  gluteus medius tendinopathy,...

7 Tips for Walking Outside During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Here's how to reduce your risk of infection while getting your steps in, boosting your immune system, and getting fresh...

The Easy Sourdough Bread Recipe You’ve Been Looking For

Here's a foolproof sourdough bread recipe that demystifies the process and makes a tasty, tender loaf of bread.

Is Coronavirus Airborne? What Doctors Need You to Know

We asked health experts about how coronavirus spreads, whether you can catch it from exhaled air, if cloth face masks...

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10 Food Delivery Services Available Right Now in Canada

Since you're already practising social distancing, you might as well skip the grocery store altogether and start ordering your food...

10 Easy Recipes for All the Frozen Spinach You Stocked Up On

Grabbed a few too many bags of frozen spinach when preparing for quarantine? They won't go to waste with these...

Shay Mitchell Shares the Best Way to Support Any Mom in Your Life

The Canadian actress talks about life as a new mom and what she’s up to in quarantine.

10 Surprising Ways Gardening Is One of the Healthiest Things You Can Do

Gardening does a lot more than make your yard look nice or deliver fresh veggies. It can boost your immune...

3 Pantry Staples to Make at Home for Cleaner Eating

Eating processed foods is convenient, but it might not be worth it: New studies have found that it drives weight...

9 Science-Backed Reasons to Try Adult Colouring Books

Colouring books are not just for kids, they can relax the mind and provide stress relief for adults, too. Here's...

How to Create a Work-Life Balance When You’re Working From Home

Experts share their tips on how to create work-life balance while you work from home, like mimicking your morning routine.

9 Sneaky Ways to Carve Out More “Me Time” Every Day

You don't need to hit a spa, library, or gym to recharge, you can practise self-care right in your own...

14 Quirky Questions About Coronavirus and Quarantine Answered

Since we're all pretty new to this social distancing thing during the coronavirus pandemic, we have a few questions about...

12 Pantry Staples Dietitians Recommend You Keep on Hand

Registered dietitians and nutritionists offer a shopping guide of the pantry staples they recommend to stock up on during quarantine.

The Best Ways to Respond to Everyone During the Pandemic

An expert shares how to handle the different people you come across—virtually or otherwise—during COVID-19.

How to Make 3 Different DIY Face Masks—No Sewing Machine Required

Cover your face with a mask made from a few common household items.

How to Grow Indoor Herbs and Veggies in Any Home

Yes, you can grow your own produce and herbs even if you live in a tiny space: Our horticulturalists share...

7 Clear Signs You Need to Move More

You’ll be surprised at how many ways exercise and movement can radically improve your health and well-being.

How to Prevent Loneliness and Isolation from Harming Your Health

Social distancing is slowing Covid-19's spread but the enforced solitude may raise other risks and even shorten your life.