Arthritis and Pain

Why You Should Stop Ignoring That Pesky Leg Pain

Do you have varicose or spider veins, or heavy, painful or swollen legs? If you do, you’re just like a fifth of Canadian adults who suffer from these same symptoms. But don’t ignore the signs; while these symptoms might not seem like a big issue in themselves, they are actually indications of a condition called chronic venous disease.

8 Things Pain Doctors Do to Prevent Arthritis

Rheumatologists and other pain management doctors offer the healthy habits they follow to avoid arthritis pain, from an anti-inflammatory...

11 Signs Your Upper Back Pain Is Serious Trouble

Backaches can be an annoyance—or they can sideline you for days. Here's how to sort out if your upper back...

My “Sprained Ankles” Turned Out to Be Uncontrolled Gout

After repeated ankle sprains—and no memory of turning his ankle—this man knew something strange was going on.

9 Things You Think Could Be Arthritis—But Aren’t

Your joints are achy, stiff, and swollen. Run-of-the-mill arthritis might be to blame. But so could these other lookalike conditions.

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14 Medical Reasons for Your Chronic Lower Back Pain

You might have strained a muscle, damaged a bone, or at worst developed cancer. Learn the medical reasons behind chronic...

You Hurt Your Back Shovelling Snow – Now What?!

We asked two experts why shovelling snow is so bad for our backs. And they also gave us their advice...

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How To Deal With Frozen Shoulder Pain – And Yes, It’s A Real Thing!

Are you stumped by your shoulder pain? Maybe it's frozen shoulder. Learn the tips that will give you an insight...

“I Rarely Feel The Effects of Rheumatoid Arthritis Because I Do Pilates And Yoga” 

Keri O'Meara feels younger than ever, now that she's maintaining the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis and exercise is a big...

For Real: High-Tech Pajamas That Get Rid Of Muscle Pain

Under Armour has created PJs that are not only comfortable, but they also speed up muscle recover and avoid muscle...

This Is Exactly What (And How Much) Headache Medication To Take

You've been slammed with a headache. So now what? Don't suffer in pain. We've got doctor-approve advice on headache medication.

Naturopath’s Advice: What Exactly Is Causing Your Headaches?

Find out the root cause of your splitting headaches, what triggers you may need to avoid and how to get...

How To Relieve Painful Rheumatoid Arthritis Symptoms

A combination of therapies is now the best way to deal with rheumatoid arthritis.

Why You Might Be At Risk for Osteoarthritis

One in 10 Canadians lives with osteoarthritis, the so-called "wear and tear" arthritis. But take heart: A diagnosis of osteoarthritis...

Alternative Solutions for Pain Relief

Looking for an alternative way to relieve muscle and joint pain? Here are some effective and gentle practices that can...

Willow: A Natural Remedy for Pain

Not only a beautiful tree, willow can also be used as a natural remedy for pain. Investigation into willow bark...

Foods and Supplements to Ease Muscle and Joint Pain

Ease body aches like muscle and joint pain with the help of these tips

5 autoimmune diseases affecting Canadians

Approximately two million Canadians are affected by autoimmune diseases. Find out more about these diseases and know whether or not...

6 myths about lower back pain, busted

Leading experts weigh in on the myths about lower back pain, what's really going on and the best approaches to...

5 surprising facts about arthritis

Take action against arthritis by making yourself aware of the facts

Homemade arthritis remedies: The truth about what works

Treat your arthritis pain effectively by ensuring the treatment you're trying actually works. Find out which homemade arthritis remedies actually...

9 arthritis-fighting superfoods

Ease achy joints with the nutrients from these superfoods

5 ways to relieve back pain

Suffering from an aching back? We dug into the latest research to find out what you can do to help...

The truth about arthritis treatments

Suffering from arthritis pain? Here are some popular treatments that could bring relief'and some to avoid

Arthritis: Your guide to treatments that work

Looking for relief from arthritis pain? Here's your guide to what works

6 ways physiotherapy can relieve aches and pains

Many people lump physiotherapy into the same category as less proven "alternative treatments" and it's often confused with massage or...