Find everything you need to live your best life, from advice on how to set healthy boundaries to the best sex toys—including gender-neutral options—available in Canada.

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Waiting Until Age 50 for Mammograms Is Too Late—Especially for Black Women

Canada’s national breast cancer screening guidelines advise waiting until age 50 for regular mammograms. But many experts, researchers and patients say this approach is too little, too late—especially for Black women.

How to Unfreeze Painful Frozen Shoulder

Frozen shoulder is a common and painful condition. Luckily, there are easy stretches that you can try to ease your...

“I’m Waiting for a Kidney Transplant. Again.”

June Jones has lived more than half her life with kidney disease.

Everything You Don’t Know About Kidney Disease (But Should)

One in 10 Canadians has kidney disease––and not all of them know it yet

This Is How I Carry on After My Husband’s Terminal ALS Diagnosis

Kelsie Snow on clinical trials, terminal diagnoses, holding onto hope and going public with her husband’s devastating ALS diagnosis at...

Why I’m Trading Dry January for “Damp” 2023

Given Canada’s new health guidelines, cutting back on alcohol is more important than ever. Here’s how I’m moderating my alcohol...

Pilates Isn’t Only Good for Your Physical Health—But Your Cognitive Health, Too

The cross-lateral movements in Pilates require mindfulness, making them good for the brain.

How Mental Illness Shapes Our Identities

New Yorker writer Rachel Aviv talks to us about being hospitalized for an eating disorder at age 6, and about...

This Yogi Will Make You Want to Take Up Surfing

For surfing yogi Rachel Barrett, joyful daily movement—in the water, on a mat or around the kitchen—is the key to...

When You’re Ghosted After a Breakup

An excerpt from Heartbroken, a book written by journalist Laura Pratt about her struggle to understand and...

How to Get Started with Cross-Country Skiing

Here's how to determine which Nordic skiing style is right for you, how to warm up and cool down, and...

The Many Health Benefits of Nordic Skiing

Nordic skiing (a.k.a. cross-country skiing) is not only a great workout—it’s also accessible, social and easy to learn, no matter...

18 Goodies That’ll Help Turn Up the Heat in the Bedroom

A roundup of sex toys, lubricants, protection and more that are basically guaranteed to spice up your sex life

What It’s Like to Live—and Date—With a Chronic Invisible Illness

Happily ever after, in my case, comes with a lot of question marks and medical terminology.

I’m One of the 1/7 Canadians with Genital Herpes—Here’s What You Need to Know

And no, it has certainly not ruined my life (nor my sex life).

There’s Something in the Air…You’re Breathing

Here’s how to stay on top of these five indoor air problems and breathe easier this winter and beyond.

How 60-Second Fitness and Wellness Activities Can Boost Your Health

Bite-sized health changes, from 1-minute bouts of exercise to 5-minute meditation microbreaks, can have a big impact on your fitness,...

As a Black Woman, I’ve Been “The Rock” for All My Friends—But It’s Not Often...

We spoke to a Black therapist about the "strong Black woman" trope, how it negatively impacts Black women's mental health...

Can IV Drips Really Help Treat Your Fatigue, Low Vitamin Levels and Hangover?

We asked experts if this trend is a waste of your money—and whether it's safe.

My Doctor Prescribed Me Ozempic for Weight Loss—Here’s What I’ve Learned

Ozempic—the injectable drug that helps treat type 2 diabetes and supports weight loss—is in high demand right now. Writer Marci...

8 Products That’ll Help You Get Great Sleep and Wake Up Happy

You’re going to spend one-third of 2023 sleeping in bed. Let’s make it a dreamy place.

A Science-Backed, Data-Forward, Awfully Sobering Guide for Women Who Drink Alcohol

That small glass of red wine we've loved to have with dinner is no longer considered "healthy." And it gets...

6 Great Spin Bikes that Cost Less Than a Peloton

Indoor bikes are a great way to stay active at home. These picks will get your heart rate pumping, and...

3 Tips to Help You Boost Your Financial Confidence in 2023

This year, gather all the knowledge you need to make financial decisions that work for you.

How Do I Budget for Wellness When I’m Trying to Cut Back on Everything?

Here's how to save money in Canada while keeping up with your feel-good goals.

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14 Virtual Care Services in Canada You Need to Know About

Not feeling well? Have a health concern? Need a prescription filled? These Canadian virtual healthcare services can help you from...

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Understanding Post-Stroke Spasticity

You may know how to recognize the signs of stroke, but do you know how to REACT?

When You’re Feeling Lonely…

Even before the pandemic, loneliness was an epidemic, with studies indicating that one in five Canadians identified...

Kickboxing Is the Fun, Full-Body Workout You Never Knew You’d Love

Aside from being a great physical workout, kickboxing and sparring can also boost your mental health and provide a space...