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Workout tips that actually work

Need a little motivation to get active? Allow your fellow Best Health readers to inspire you

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Get up and at 'em

Get up and at ’em

“Keep workout gear by your bed and plan an early morning fitness routine. Make it the first thing you do each day before your mind is really awake and realizes that you haven’t had your coffee yet! It’s way better than hitting the snooze button.”

-Cassandra Casey, North Vancouver

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Get some fresh air

Get some fresh air

“My best tip is to ensure that you get outside every day for at least 15 minutes. A walk reconnects you with nature, gives you some exercise and improves your mood. This can really make a big difference in your outlook; I find it always does for me.”

– Virginia Buck, Barrhead, Alberta

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Find a way to fit it in

“Fit in short walks on lunch breaks. Even if it’s indoors, it will energize you – especially if you can include some stairs.”

-L Martin, Port Coquitlam, British Columbia

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Try rowing

Try rowing

“I use a rowing machine for one hour to exercise first thing in the morning. While rowing, I listen to music on my iPod. It makes me feel so good!”

-Kristine Hibbs, Goulds, Newfoundland

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Take a walk

Take a walk

“Get outside and walk every day in the fresh air, even when it’s winter. It will invigorate your whole body and mind.”

-Isobel Sawicki, Orono, Ontario

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Set a goal

Set a goal

“Wear a pedometer and try to walk 10,000 steps a day. It’s not as easy as you think!”

– Ann Boddy, Owen Sound, Ontario

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Find something you love

Find something you love

“To stay fit, choose an activity you enjoy. I love hiking with my dog, and the fresh air is great for both of us. Sometimes we even take the neighbour’s dogs along.”

-Birdie Trafford, Stratford, Ontario

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Make it fun

Make it fun

“Make exercise a fun part of your day. Next time you’re stumped for date ideas, instead of looking for a nice place to eat out, try opting for a fitness activity instead.”

-Priatharshy Thavanathan, Ajax, Ontario

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Join in with friends

Join in with friends

“My friends and I challenge ourselves to do 50 squats at work. We check in with each other through the day; it’s fun, keeps me motivated, and gets me up from my chair and moving!”

-Laurie Burns, Halifax, Nova Scotia

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Be comfy

Be comfy

“At home, I wear comfortable and stretchy clothing, like loose sweaters, yoga pants and leggings, so I can easily do stretches for simple exercise any time of the day. I find I am more active than if I’m wearing clothes like dresses or jeans.”

-Vivienne Jaehn-Kreibaum, Carrying Place, Ontario


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