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3 Seriously Good Winter Running Layers to Keep You Toasty

Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean you have to hit the treadmill to get in a good run. Head on outdoors, but just remember to wear these layers.

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Winter Running Gearphoto credit: shutterstock

If you want to stay warm on your next winter run, these three layers are key

Don’t love winter temps? We don’t either. But when you’re outside freezing your buns off during a winter run or hike, let this fact warm you up: Repeated activity in the cold increases brown fat, which helps use up stored energy for heat and, in turn, prevents weight gain. Still not convinced to get outside? Try this cute and (warm) three-layer winter running gear idea.

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Winter Running Gear, base layer

Winter running gear: The base layer

You’ll want your first layer to be close-fitting to keep body heat in and wick sweat away.

Look for: A soft, breathable fabric with flat seams that feels comfortable on the skin.

Kombi Active Warm Printed Top, $70 at

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Winter Running Gear, mid-layer

Winter running gear: The mid-layer

Your second layer is to lock in body heat under your coat for extra-cold days but also act as an outer layer to strip down to when you work up a sweat on milder days.

Look for: A lightweight layer that can unzip to give you some air.

Icebreaker Women’s Realfleece Atom Long Sleeve Zip, $161 at

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Winter Running Gear, outer layer

Winter running gear: The outer layer

For your final layer, you need a coat that protects you from the elements, and offers a little extra insulation tailored to your climate and activity.

Look for: Waterproof fabric and a long torso to keep heat from escaping at your waist.

Arc’teryx Beta AR Jacket, $700 at

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Originally Published in Best Health Canada