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5 Moisture-Wicking Sports Bras For People Who Sweat A Lot

The simplest way to keep your body calm, cool and collected.

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Sweat-Wicking Sports BrasPhoto Credit: Adidas/Shutterstock

The best sweat-wicking sports bra for cycling

The Workout: Powered through a 30-minute Peloton cycling ride.

Sweat Test: “If I’m being honest, I sweat more during an at-home Peloton ride than I have in any other in-studio cycling class. The end result: a drenched-in-sweat sports bra. But thanks to this sports bra’s breathable and moisture-wicking fabric, my breasts were able to stay relatively cool, and, well… dry! It was almost as if once my body started perspiring, the fabric suctioned to my skin and didn’t budge. This made me feel completely supported throughout the entire workout.

And not only does its fabric have a good amount of elasticity to pull on and off without a hitch, it’s shoulder straps didn’t rub uncomfortably against my skin.” – Alyssa Ball, Assistant Digital Editor

Don’t Rest Alphaskin Sport + Padded 3-Stripes Bra, $55; available at Adidas

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Sweat-Wicking Sports BrasPhoto Credit: Reebok/Shutterstock

For those who are small chested

The Workout: 50-minute full-body Pilates class at Studio Lagree.

Sweat Test: “Whenever I take a class at Studio Lagree, I purposely wear a sports bra that fits like a second skin. Reebok’s new Studio Nature X Seamless Bra does just that. As I flowed through the instructors intense movements (that worked my body every-which-way imaginable), the one thing that never took my attention away from the workout was my sports bra. Its seamless design never budged during a movement, pinched my skin, or pooled my sweat within it’s fabric. (Here’s the scientific reason why you sweat so much.) Instead, the fabric remained relatively dry and comfortably compressed to my body, allowing me to move freely without hesitation.” – Alyssa Ball, Assistant Digital Editor

Note: If you’re small-chested (like myself), this sports bra’s band will help accentuate your chest for just the right amount of perk.

Reebok Studio Nature X Seamless Bra, $75; available at Reebok

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Sweat-Wicking Sports BrasPhoto Credit: VS/Shutterstock

For high-intensity workouts

The Workout: An hour-long Core Row class at Skullhouse which consisted of alternating intervals on a rowing machine and mat work.

Sweat Test: “Whenever I’ve previously been on a rowing machine, I’ve constantly struggled with sports bra straps that profusely rub, pinch or slide off my shoulders. But due to this sports bra’s adjustable strap feature, I was able to fully enjoy the workout without constantly obsessing over it. Plus, it’s breathable moulded cups kept my breasts stabilized and free from sweat-induced chaffing.” – Alyssa Ball, Assistant Digital Editor

The Incredible Lightweight Bra, $37; available at Victoria’s Secret locations and online

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Sweat-Wicking Sports BrasPhoto Credit: Winners/Shutterstock

For maximum mobility

The Workout: I tested out this bra at a Misfitstudio‘s full-body Pilates class. It was full of twisting, bending and, regrettably, planking. (Don’t miss these 5 plank variations that’ll work your entire body.)

Sweat Test: “Thanks to the thick elastic and straps, I felt comfortable enough to lose my shirt halfway through the class when things started to get sweaty knowing it would stay put. The fabric wicked away sweat and because it’s wireless, it was super comfy. However, even I found it could be more supportive.” – Courtney Reilly-Larke, Associate Editor

$15; available at Winners

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Sweat-Wicking Sports BrasPhoto Credit: Mec/Shutterstock

For minimal support

The Workout: At-home 30-minute total body yoga class.

Sweat Test: “Made out of a lightweight nylon and spandex knit fabric, this seamless sports bra hugged my body with ease as I moved from pose to pose. But not only that, its textured under-arm panel really did seem to act as a breathable vent, wicking away my sweat. By the end of the class, I was amazed to see that my skin wasn’t sweat-stuck to my sports bra like it normally is after a low-impact activity.” – Alyssa Ball, Assistant Digital Editor

Seamless Y-Knot Bra, $16; available at Mec

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