Staff tested: Cookbooks

We got busy in the kitchen, testing select recipes from these eight cookbooks. Here’s how each meal went over with family and friends

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Mighty Spice Cookbook

Mighty Spice Cookbook

Mighty Spice Cookbook by John Gregory-Smith (Duncan Baird), $30.


“Each recipe has photos of the spices to use, which I love. I made the Mexican dish Veracruz Rice with Seafood, since Mexican cuisine is one of my favourites. It was so easy to make and tasted delicious.” -Stephanie Han, Art Director

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The Slow Cook Book

The Slow Cook Book

The Slow Cook Book (DK), $28.


“This is a sumptuously photographed book of hearty dishes that can be made in a slow cooker or in the oven. I made Chicken with Olives and Peppers, which was really good (it tasted even better the next day). With step-by-step photographed instructions for techniques like braising, this is also an excellent reference book.” -Rhonda Rovan, Beauty Editor

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Chef Michael Smith's Kitchen

Chef Michael Smith’s Kitchen

Chef Michael Smith’s Kitchen (Penguin Canada), $32.


“I made Thyme-based Chicken with Mushroom Red Wine Sauce for friends. The instructions were straightforward and the ingredients were mostly pantry staples. I’m no chef, so I loved the kitchen tips. I’m happy to say my friends were surprised to be impressed with my skills.” -Lauren Pelley, Intern

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The Laura Secord Canadian Cook Book

The Laura Secord Canadian Cook Book

The Laura Secord Canadian Cook Book (Whitecap), $17.


“I used this cookbook to make food for a party for my parents. Since they’re from the East Coast, they appreciated the Quiche Maritime with cod and the Bonavista Fruit Bread. ?The Okanagan Apple Punch, made from tea plus lemon and apple juices, was a hit.” -Lisa Hannam, Associate Editor

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Plenty by Yotam Ottolenghi (Chronicle Books), $35.


“Inspired by the pretty photo, I made Baked Eggs with Yogurt and Chile for brunch. And, yes, the end result looked just as striking. This cookbook encourages fresh ingredients and borrows from various cuisines, such as Middle Eastern.” -Margaret Nearing, Senior Editor

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Mark McEwan's Fabbrica

Mark McEwan’s Fabbrica

Mark McEwan’s Fabbrica (Viking Canada), $39.


“My three kids won’t go for fussy meals that have “strange” ingredients. So I made the Chicken Parmesan with Buffalo Mozzarella to rave reviews-it’s now in regular rotation. The Roasted Potatoes with Rosemary and Garlic have also become a Sunday dinner staple.” -Jennifer Walker, Senior Content Editor

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In My Mother's Kitchen

In My Mother’s Kitchen

In My Mother’s Kitchen by Trish Magwood (HarperCollins), $40.


“Canadian foodie Trish Magwood has put together a lovely book with her collection of easy tried-and-true family recipes. I made the Mulligatawny Soup and it was a delicious meal in a bowl.” -Bonnie Munday, Editor-In-Chief

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Everyday Flexitarian

Everyday Flexitarian

Everyday Flexitarian by Nettie Cronish and Pat Crocker (Whitecap), $30.


“The recipes are vegetarian-based with suggested meat options. I made the Roasted Root Vegetable Burritos, which were quite a bit of work (lots of chopping) and took about 90 minutes to make. But it was well worth it and made delicious leftovers.” -Jennifer Masseau, Associate Editor

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