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What To Try When You Just Can’t Fall Asleep

Nobody likes those awful, restless nights when you just can’t seem to fall asleep. Try these incredible sleep soothers for a one-way ticket to dreamland.

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Sleep Soothers

3 No-Fail Sleep Soothers

We’ve all had those awful, restless nights. You know the ones: the evenings where you just lay in bed, staring at your alarm clock in the dark, silently counting the hours of precious shut-eye you’ll be able to get if you just fall asleep this instant. When your go-to sleep trick or your trusty cup of calming chamomile tea just aren’t working, try these 3 incredible sleep soothers for a one-way ticket to dreamland.

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Relaxing Body Oil

All-natural and non-invasive, this fragrant lavender oil soothes and calms. Simply rub into skin toward the heart in a circular motion and inhale deeply.

Weleda Lavender Relaxing Body Oil, $30.75 at mass merchandisers 

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Relaxing Air Spray

A heady combo of 12 essential oils, including rosewood, cypress and neroli, creates a soothing essence to help promote sleep. Spray it in your room before retiring or spritz it on a tissue and keep it by your bed.

Puressentiel Rest & Relax Air Spray, available for $ 20 at mass merchandisers in November 2016 

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Soothing Chamomille Fabric Softener

If it’s been a few night’s since you’ve got some restful shut-eye, try washing your sheets in this calming fabric softener. It’s gentle enough to use on baby’s bedding but worth using on the whole family’s sheets and pyjamas. This chamomile-infused fabric softener will help soothe everyone to sleep.

Attitude Fabric Softener in Soothing Chamomille.  $11 at or