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Shopping with a stylist

Ever wonder what it’s like to shop with a stylist? Find out with this look at Challenge winner Cora Coady’s day of shopping with a fashion expert

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shopping bags

Find the right clothes

Vichy Best Health Challenge winner Cora Coady finished off her whole-life makeover with the ultimate girl’s day out: a shopping trip with fashion expert Sandra Pittana. “Not everyone can afford a stylist,” Pittana admits, adding that there are other ways to step outside your style comfort zone. “Find a boutique store you trust that will give you one-on-one attention, or go shopping with an honest girlfriend.”

And remember this: “Buy pieces that you love, that are exceptional. We all need clothes to reflect who we are, the joy [of what] we do, and most importantly, clothes that make us feel good,” says Pittana.

Read on for a behind-the-scenes look at Cora’s day of shopping, and get expert tips that can spruce up everyone’s style.

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bcbg dress

The beauty of ruching

This fabulous BCBGMAXAZRIA dress could be worn in winter with tights or in the summer with sandals. “The wide neck opens up the neckline and the rusching at the sides is flattering for all women-it is a soft way of gently concealing our imperfections, without making it look obvious,” says Pittana.


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cora dress 5

Put a belt on it

This outfit from Aritzia is the perfect combination of funky and functional. “Leggings have become an industry standard, but the Ikat print is a bit eclectic, making this outfit more visually interesting. I love the skater dress, which has cap sleeves – also very flattering. The sweater is a way of mixing it up, and the wide belt emphasizes Cora’s waist, a part of her body she’s proud of,” says stylist Sandra Pittana, adding: “Everyone should have a wardrobe of belts.”


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cora shoes

Don’t shy away from heels

These platform heels might seem high, but Pittana says not to let looks deceive. “When you take into account the platform in the toe, the heel is maybe two inches high, which is very manageable.”


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cora work 2

Add pretty colours for work

Sandra wanted to give Cora options for work that would make her feel professional, beautiful and confident, and This outfit scores in all three areas. “The polka dot blouse opens her neck, highlights her beautiful face and balances her curly hair. The charcoal grey pant is a great alternative to your average black pant, and grey goes beautifully with black and colours, and also looks good with brown,” says Pittana. “And this pastel pink is soft and is a colour that looks great on Cora-everyone should find those colours they are drawn to, and even if you dress head to toe in black, you can do your accessories in colour.”


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cora blue dress

Select cuts that flatter

The electric blue cocktail dress is stylish and sexy-sleeveless and above the knee to flatter Cora’s newly toned figure. “The key for any woman in a cocktail dress is posture,” Pittana emphasized. “Every woman needs to learn to stand up straight with their shoulders back.”


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sandra clothes

Find fabrics you love

As Pittana pulled items for Cora, she was adamant about one thing: “Fit and look is one thing but paying attention to fabric is equally important-fabric will help determine how you move in your clothes. Choose textiles you love to touch and fabrics that stretch and move. And have at least one non-iron shirt in your closet, because who has time to iron?”

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cora scarf

Add interest with accessories

Every outfit can be switched up with the right accessories. “The scarf adds a new dimension, and the blazer dresses it up,” says Pittana. And what’s the trick about scarves? “Buy tons of them; they are cheap. Tie two or three of them together, and you have a mixture of texture and colours that will become the centerpiece of your wardrobe. Also, you can use scarves as belts which can soften your look.”


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cora coat

Choose a bright coat

Why spend winter in boring black coat? “On those cold, grey days, in the middle of winter, a little colour-or this white coat-is going to cheer you up,” says Pittana. This coat is practical, warm and comfortable. “The cinched belt adds a layer of style,” Pittana adds.


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