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Quiz: Are you at risk for diabetes?

Take our quiz to find out if your diet is putting you at risk for type 2 diabetes

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health food vs junk food

Is your diet putting you at risk?

t’s no secret that being overweight is a risk factor for developing type 2 diabetes. According to the Canadian Diabetes Association, (CDA) 80 to 90 percent of people with type 2 diabetes are overweight or obese and more than 20 Canadians are diagnosed with the disease every hour of every day.

But did you know that you can reduce your own risk? The CDA says more than 50 percent of type 2 diabetes diagnoses could be prevented or delayed with healthier eating and increased physical activity

Take our quiz to assess your diet (keep track of your points); and discover how you can avoid or delay diabetes by eating healthier.

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A lovely breakfast

1. I eat breakfast:

A) Hardly ever (one point)
B) Off and on (two points)
C) Every day (three points)

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2. Between meals, I:

A) Don’t eat anything at all (one point)
B) Always have at least one large snack (two points)
C) Have a light snack if I feel hungry (three points)

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Small portion

3. I eat the most:

A) At dinner and throughout the evening (one point)
B) At lunch and throughout the afternoon (two points)
C) In the morning and at lunch (three points)

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Fruits and Vegetables

4. At lunch and dinner, I:

A) Rarely eat vegetables with my meal (one point)
B) Sometimes have a vegetable (two points)
C) Almost always have at least one vegetable or a salad (three points)

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fruit bowl

5. I eat fruit:

A) Seldom (one point)
B) A few times a week (two points)
C) One to three times a day (three points)

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6. When I eat a carbohydrate food, it tends to be:

A) French fries or sugared cereals (one point)
B) White bread, pasta, white rice, or mashed potatoes (two points)
C) Whole grain breads and cereals or starchy beans, such as navy or kidney beans (three points)

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fast food meal

7. Most of the foods I eat tend to be:

A) Fast food or takeout (Chinese, pizza) (one point)
B) Processed foods (packaged foods, frozen dinners) (two points)
C) Fresh (fruit, vegetables, meals cooked at home using fresh ingredients) (three points)

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food scale

8. My biggest sources of calories are:

A) Sweets or snack foods (one point)
B) Meat and potatoes (two points)
C) Vegetables, fruits, and whole grains (three points)

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9. When I drink beverages, I prefer:

A) Regular soda (one point)
B) Fruit juice (two points)
C) Diet soda or water (three points)

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chocolate cupcakes

10. I eat sweets such as cookies, cakes, and candy:

A) More than once a day (one point)
B) About once a day (two points)
C) Less than once a day (three points)

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packaged cakes

10. I eat sweets such as cookies, cakes, and candy:

A) More than once a day (one point)
B) About once a day (two points)
C) Less than once a day (three points)

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deli meats

11. The meats I eat the most tend to be:

A) Hot dogs, sausage, ribs, chicken wings, bacon, or salami (one point)
B) Chicken or turkey legs, ground chuck, T-bone steak, or chuck roast (two points)
C) Ground sirloin, beef or pork tenderloin, skinless chicken or turkey breast, lean ham, or fresh fish (three points)

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family dinner

12. My meals consist of the same foods:

A) Four or more times a week (one points)
B) Three times a week (two points)
C) One or two times a week or less (three points)

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bmi calculator - scale and apple

What your score means

Score 27 to 36: Your eating habits are already pretty good. So why are you overweight? Chances are, your portion sizes are too big or you aren’t getting enough exercise.

Score18 to 26: You’re off to a good start, but your eating habits could use some improvement. What changes should you make? Look back at your answers. Did you circle any 1s?

Score 12 to 17: You tend to make poor food choices, but that means you have the most to gain from even small improvements. Review your answers: Did you answer any with 3s or 2s? These are successes: Give yourself credit, and make more 3s and 2s your goal.

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