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One Exercise A Day Fitness Challenge: Working Should Be Fun, So Make A Game Of It!

Fitness challenges are a good way to keep you focused and motivated. That’s why we made this fitness challenge a game, where you can do one exercise a day.

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at home fitness challenge, a woman doing a workout at homephoto credit: shutterstock

Take it one exercise a day – that’s your fitness challenge

There’s always a new workout that’s touted as the best way to get fit, but the healthiest thing for you is whatever gets you motivated to get moving every day. I developed this points system to help you build exercise into your life.

You will soon see that you have one exercise a day (Monday through Saturday, with a rest day on Sunday). Your fitness challenge is to do as many reps as you can to gain points. I also added a few other healthy ways to get points, too.

Give yourself…

1 point for every rep you do
5 points for every day that you drink two litres of water
15 points for every time you walk or run for 15 minutes

Your goal? Aim for 300 each week. Are you up for it?

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one exercise a day fitness challenge, pushupsillustration credit: Marie Parsons

One exercise a day – Mondays are for pushups

Pushups are a great body weight exercise. And you can modify them anyway you like. If you are a beginner, do the pushup off a high surface, like your counter. The better you get at them, the lower your surface should be, until you do them off the floor (whether that is on your knees or toes, is up to you). Pushups should always be a challenge.

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one exercise a day, rowsillustration credit: Marie Parsons

One exercise a day – Do rows on Tuesdays

The thing about rows is to keep your posture upright and to use your shoulders to pull the tension backward. Aim to have your shoulder blades touching at the top of the move.

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one exercise a day fitness challenge, trunk rotationsillustration credit: Marie Parsnos

One exercise a day – Let’s do trunk rotations on Wednesdays

Raise your hand if you want a toned stomach! Thought that would get your attention. Make sure you keep your hips facing forward to really engage those obliques.

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one exercise a day fitness challenge, squats

One exercise a day – Thursdays should start with squats

The one move all trainers recommend? Squats. Just make sure you sit your bum down low enough to engage the glutes and leg muscles and that you maintain proper form.

How many points do you have so far?

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one exercise a day fitness challenge, bridgesillustration credit: Marie Parsons

One exercise a day – Thursdays should start with squats

Bridges are an often under-appreciated fitness move. And despite seemingly lying on the floor, you actually work your lower body and your posture intensely. And that helps with back pain and balance.

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one exercise a day fitness challenge, split squatsillustration credit: Marie Parsons

One exercise a day – Saturdays are the tie for split squats

Split squats can be challenging and if you do them wrong, they can tweak the knees. So make sure you match the above illustration, with your posture upright (shoulders above hips), 45-degree angles at your knees, and that your front knee does not go past your toes.

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one exercise a day fitness challenge, rest dayillustration credi

One exercise a day – And on Sundays, you rest

Rest is an important part of any fitness program. It gives your body a reset, allows muscles to heal, and you also avoid burning out or getting bored with your workout. The key is to allow for a day or two of rest a week, not a week or two.

The best part of this rest day, though? You count up all of your points!

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