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Healthier comfort food recipes

Craving comfort food? Check out these healthy homemade versions of popular meals from the frozen food aisle

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Mexi-Veggie Breakfast Sandwich

Mexi-Veggie Breakfast Sandwich

Breakfast sandwiches now figure in the frozen-food section, but they’re quick and easy to DIY. This recipe uses egg whites for a healthy spin.

Get the recipe: Mexi-Veggie Breakfast Sandwich

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Ham and Cheese Breakfast Sandwich

Ham and Cheese Breakfast Sandwich

To add your own personal touch to this recipe, you could swap out the tomato for low-sodium salsa or chili sauce, and try different cheeses, such as goat, sharp cheddar or havarti.

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Panko-Baked Chicken Fingers

Panko-Baked Chicken Fingers

These are great the next day, too. Add them to a lunch box with a container of dipping sauce and some veggie sticks-yum!

Get the recipe: Panko-Baked Chicken Fingers

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Thin-Crust Tricolore Pizza

Thin-crust Tricolore Pizza

The dough for this pizza is easy to make, but there’s a quicker option: You can use store-bought and make this recipe in 30 minutes or less. Also, while this is healthier than most frozen pizzas, it’s pretty high in sodium; to cut back, reduce the amount of cheese.

Get the recipe: Thin-crust Tricolore Pizza

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