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The Most Unique Christmas Crackers You Ever Did See

A crown is nice and all, but us queens want something a bit fancier in our crackers. That’s why we rounded up the most unique Christmas crackers out there.

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unique christmas crackersphoto credit: shutterstock

Unique Christmas crackers for us unique women

Now, don’t get us wrong. We love a good joke. And a crown (even if it is paper) looks good on us any day of the week. But we have high expectations at Christmas time. And that is why only these unique Christmas crackers will do.

Looking for a great gift your your BFF? Now worries – we have you covered!

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unique christmas crackers décleor

Because you’re the hostess with the mostest!

This Chistmas cracker is perfect for the D.I.Y. girl with great skin. You buy the wrapping separately and stuff if what ever you think your girlie friends desire.

Decléor Holiday Cracker, $3 at

These are the beauty gifts your bestie asked us to hint to you. True story.

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unique christmas crackers L'Occitane

A Christmas in Paris

Not heading to France for the holidays? These Christmas crackers are the next best thing: Three travel-size products, including a shower gel, body lotion and a hand cream. You may have to hint to your partner you need a Parisian vacay.

L’Occitane Fest Crackers Trio, $34 for three at

What does a French woman always have in her makeup bag? Find out here.

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unique christmas crackers caudalie

Scent of a woman

Love perfume? Then you will love the trio of travel-sized beauty products (fragrance, shower gel and body lotion) in this Christmas cracker. The scent is made up of a blend of blend of white musk, neroli flower, jasmine and ginger.

Caudalie Thé des Vignes Cracker, $12 at Caudalie retailers.

This pretty perfume was inspired by a gripping book.

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unique Christmas crackers, Quo Shoppers Drug Mart

Lip service at dinner service

Pretty red bows and pink paper encase a lip gloss for your besties.

Quo Holiday Crackers, $15 for three at select Shoppers Drug Mart BeautyBoutique locations.

Do you wear lip liner? You really should, especially now that you’re armed with these makeup pro tips.

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unique christmas crackers, Lip Smacker

Bigger is better

’Tis the season for lip balm – and this oversized Candy Cane lip balm is even better. Although, not technically a Christmas cracker, the packaging is giving us the vibes.

Lip Smacker Biggy Lip Balm in Candy Cane, $5 at drug stores.

Chapped pout? One of these 16 ways to soften lips will help.

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unique Christmas crackers, Marc Jacobs

Have a meowy Christmas

The name is playful, but the beauty prodz in this Christmas cracker is all woman. Inside you’ll find the perfect nude and a mascara that lengthens and volumizes lashes.

Marc Jacobs The Sex Kitten Limited Edition Set, $26 at

No more lash envy – here is how you get bombshell lashes.

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unique christmas crackers Jo Malone Chr

This isn’t a cracker – it’s a present!

This luxury Christmas cracker looks as beautiful as it smells. You will be treated to the Black Berry & Bay cologne (9ml), Basil & Neroli handwash (15 ml) and the English Pear & Freesia Body Cream (15 ml).

Jo Malon X’mas 2017 Limited Cracker, $85.53 at

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