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According to These 12 Celebs, Pilates Is The Way To Work Out

Need some strong A-lister inspo? Check out our celebrity Pilates workout picks. Here are 12 stars who know their breathing 100s from their neutral spine.

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celebrity pilates workout kate winslet

Kate Winslet

The Academy Award winner’s admirable curves are well maintained thanks to Pilates workouts. She’s said she doesn’t go to the gym but instead does Pilates at home daily for at least 20 minutes.

Inspired to do an at-home workout? Here is exactly what to do.

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celebrity pilates workout Mandy Moorephoto credit: shutterstock

Mandy Moore

When she’s not on making us tear up on This Is Us, Mandy Moore practices Pilates several times a week. The just shy of 5’10” actress has said the workout helps her feel happy.

This dancer swears by Pilates, especially post-pregnancy.

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celebrity pilates workout madonnaphoto credit: shutterstock


Those super defined arms? Madonna’s strong and ultra-lean physique are thanks to a diligent cross-training regimen, which includes Pilates. The 59-year-old singer has worked with a number of different trainers, including Tracey Anderson and Nicole Winhoffer, and mixes up her fitness routine to include yoga, spinning and dance to name just a few.

These are the best arm exercises for women.

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celebrity pilates workout kate hudsonphoto credit: shutterstock

Kate Hudson

Hudson loves exercises like engaging her pelvic floor muscles and scooping her abs. She works out with trainer Nicole Stuart and credits Pilates with toning her derriere and for her strong abs.

Have you heard about Kate Hudson’s worst kept fitness secret?

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celebrity pilates workout Amanda Seyfriedphoto credit: shutterstock

Amanda Seyfried

This starlet works out with celeb trainer Harley Pasternak but when she’s not sweating through a session with him, she can be found making her core stronger with both Pilates and boxing.

Speaking of boxing, here are 10 celebs who refuse to take the gloves off.

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celebrity pilates workout naomi campbellphoto credit: shutterstock

Naomi Campbell

Pilates’ popularity amongst celebrities is as solid as Campbells’s abs. She is a fan of the reformer and trains with Dave Higgins in London, England.

Pilates – in case you didn’t know – can have a very positive impact on arthritis pain.

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celebrity pilates workout karlie klossphoto credit: shutterstock

Karlie Kloss

The model’s sinewy silhouette is cut and strong thanks to regular Pilates workouts. The supermodel is partial to Reformer workouts at ModelFit in NYC.

Have you tried a Lagree Reformer? It is completely different than anything you’ve ever tried.

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celebrity pilates workout Selena Gomezphoto credit: shutterstock

Selena Gomez

The singer is regularly spotted leaving Pilates class. Her trainer, Amy Rosoff Davis, has shared workouts she does with Gomez, which incorporates Pilates, yoga and dance.

Jennifer Aniston does Pilates, yoga and this other type of fitness.

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celebrity pilates workout cameron diazphoto credit: shutterstock

Cameron Diaz

Diaz always looks fit head to toem and her svelte physique is thanks in part to Pilates. She’s been working out with trainer Teddy Bass for years, who’s said the acress also does cardio and weight training.

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celebrity pilates workout Lucy Liuphoto credit: shutterstock

Lucy Liu

Liu knows that this full-body workout helps to develop a strong core, as well as improves flexibility. She works with trainer Jared Kaplan who is based in NYC.

Stretching also helps with flexibility – especially these targeted stretches.

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celebrity pilates workout sandra bullockphoto credit: shutterstock

Sandra Bullock

Ever admired Bullock’s long, lean silhouette on the red carpet? The actress maintains her strong body with a mix of disciplines, including Pilates.

This workout is one way to get strong abs.

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celebrity pilates workout Reese Whitherspoonphoto credit: shutterstock

Reese Witherspoon

There’s no doubt her career and three kids keep her on her toes, but for her workout, it’s Pilates that keeps ageless Witherspoon fit. She’s regularly snapped going to and leaving her Pilates class in Los Angeles.

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