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9 fashion picks to brighten up your fall wardrobe

Don’t ditch brights as soon as fall hits. Here are nine stylish ways to rock colour through the colder months

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fall fashion jacket

Bright fall fashion

Oh fall, you stealthy little sneak. We didn’t even see you coming. One minute we’re sun bathing in polka dot bikinis and the next thing you know, we’re wearing things with faux fur attachments and wielding shovels. Cool weather beckons and many of us Canadians don’t welcome fall with open arms, except of course for fall fashion lovers.

The thrill of sliding on new equestrian boots and a leather jacket is almost as exhilarating as the first day we go without a coat. Well maybe we’re going a bit too far with that statement. Nevertheless, I think we can all agree that the fall season is home to the most stylish clothing from designers and retailers alike. Houndstooth skirts, plaid capes and tweed pea coats have always been fall staples but this year, why not keep summer colours around just a little longer?

Yes, we’re suggesting you keep the neutrals at bay in favour of bubbly brights and pastels in lavenders and cornflower blues. Retailers and designers seem to be on board with this trend of creating clothing and accessories in bright colours using heavier textiles perfect for cool weather. We’re seeing all kinds of fall appropriate shift dresses, skirts, wool coats, hats and boots in colours that rival the summer sun.

Don’t succumb to dark neutrals as soon as September hits. Instead, don one of these bright pieces that will also keep you toasty warm.

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Ted Baker Scallop Detail Dress

Ted Baker London Belleta Dress

Pair this adorable scalloped dress in purple and coral with a comfortable pair of tights and killer pumps or ankle boots. If you’re brave enough, pair a colourful clutch with your ensemble to really make a bright statement.


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Judith and Charles Manille Coat

Judith and Charles Manille Coat

Stand out in a bright wool coat this fall. If there is one statement piece you should have this season, it should be your coat. We suggest owning a classic black, navy or grey coat but adding a bright coloured alternative to mix it up. Afterall, you and your coat will be spending a lot of time together in the coming months.


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Ralph Lauren Bexley Heath Classic Tote

Ralph Lauren Bexley Heath Classic Tote

Pick a purse that has a classic shape and it won’t hurt to select something in a yellow, red or green. Trust us, you’ll get sick of your quirky trendy purse quick but you’ll be using a quality leather bag that’s big enough to slip your laptop in for years to come.


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Aldo Oringoa Ankle Boot

Aldo Oringoa Ankle Boot

Ankle boots or booties were a big trend in 2012 and continue to be this fall. If you’re wearing mainly neutrals and are feeling a tad bored with your ensemble, add a pair of colourful shoes to give your outfit a little kick. A royal blue or emerald pump may be just what your fall outfit ordered.


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Amrita Singh Wooster Necklace

Amrita Singh Wooster Necklace

Accessories are the way to ease into colour if you can’t quite picture yourself strutting around in a pair of canary yellow pants. Statement necklaces are still on trend for fall so pick up a few bright baubles and try them out before we’re covering up our accessories with heavy parkas.


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HBC Woven Wool Scarf

HBC Woven Wool Scarf

Who knew a slim piece of fabric could elicit so much excitement? Fall means we finally get to accessorize with scarves. Whether we decide on a silk, cashmere or lightweight wool scarf, it’s always a great idea to pick one that stands out. If you have a good sense of pattern mixing, wear your patterned scarf with a striped or polka dot top for a perfectly preppy esthetic.


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Zara Metallic Leather Skirt

Zara Metallic Leather Skirt

Metallics are huge for fall and a bit of a departure for someone looking for an even bolder statement than bright colour. A metallic shirt can come off a bit magician-ish if worn improperly but a smart metallic pencil skirt paired with a crisp white shirt can do no wrong.


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Forever 21 Tiger Stripe Sweater

Forever 21 Tiger Stripe Sweater

Bright colours are great but animal prints are even better. You’ll be surprised at how versatile a tiger print can be. Wear it with a pencil skirt for work or dress it down with boyfriend jeans and a pair of flats for a fall stroll.


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Loft Jelly Watch

Loft Jelly Watch

The classic metallic watch has some competition in classy all-grown-up jelly watches in playful colours.  It’s the perfect way to add a pop of colour to any outfit and a small reminder that the summer sun will be back soon. 


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