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5 ways to end food cravings

Sweet, salty or fried treats can be tempting. Here’s how to end those food cravings

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Eat every three to four hours

Spreading your caloric intake evenly throughout the day keeps your blood sugar stable. “You’ll have more willpower, make better food choices and eat more appropriate portions,” says Krista Leck Merner, a registered dietitian at Bent Fork Nutrition in Halifax.

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Don’t ban treats

When it comes to dietary changes, says Leck Merner, people often adopt an “all or none” mentality. It’s okay to indulge cravings-just don’t overdo it. “I encourage people to have that 100-calorie treat. By incorporating it on a daily basis, we’re less likely to overeat.”

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Wait it out

Practise the 20 minute distraction strategy. When you find yourself looking for food, even though you’re not hungry, do something else for 20 minutes, something that involves your brain as well as your hands, such as playing the piano. If you feel that you really are hungry, set your kitchen timer for 20 minutes-if you still want to eat when it rings, fine. If not, the urge will have passed.

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Eat natural foods

Limit the amount of artificial sweeteners and artificially sweetened foods you eat. One American study published in July 2004 found that consuming artificially sweetened foods and beverages may throw off your natural ability to monitor calories and increase your likelihood of overeating.

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Beauty sleep

Sleep well

Sleep deprivation influences your food choices, making you crave high-carb and high-sugar foods. This is because sleep loss decreases insulin sensitivity, putting the sleep-deprived at higher risk for developing type 2 diabetes. So sleep more-it may make it easier to fight that cookie craving, and wake up a whole new you.


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