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The 5 Most Effective Boxing Moves For Women

Boxing is fun and it’s a killer workout for the body. So what moves should you focus on? The managing partner of Studio KO in Toronto tells his top five.

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best boxing moves women shadow boxingphoto credit: shutterstock

Best Boxing Moves for Women: Shadow boxing

Shadow boxing could be considered the best move for boxing because it allows the individual to stare into a mirror and practice all the various punches, footwork and mental discipline to the art of boxing. During this move, you visualize an opponent and you have a battle with them. When you combine punching, movement and intensity, you end up getting a great cardio workout. Using dumbbells will help increase the intensity.

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best boxing moves women Combat Conditioningphoto credit: shutterstock

Best Boxing Moves for Women: Combat conditioning

Combat Conditioning is essential to boxing because it is a conditioning drill that is done with a partner. The goal of this move is to keep up with your partner and not stop. If you stop, it results in your partner not getting a workout and boxers always need to find a way to keep going or they will get beat up when they stop. Examples of the drill are partner pushup, partner burpees, teeter totter squats and partner plank shoulder taps.

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Best kickboxing moves for women Foot Stompingphoto credit: shutterstock

Best Boxing Moves for Women: Foot stomping

Foot stomping drills with a partner is fantastic for teaching a boxer to focus on continuous footwork. Two people get in their boxing stances and start attempting to touch the other persons feet while not getting their feet stomped on. In boxing, if your not moving, you become a target for the other person. This move will improve your reflexes and timing.

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best kickboxing moves for women Speed Roundsphoto credit: shutterstock

Best Boxing Moves for Women: Speed rounds

Speed rounds are designed to push your athletic threshold by just throwing straight punches. Ideally, you would do this drill for three minutes on a heavy bag. The goal is to punch with maximum effort for 10 seconds, throwing as many punches as possible. When the 10 seconds are up you can either rest or do a cardio exercise like high knees for 10 seconds and continue the intervals until the three minutes are up.

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Best boxing moves for women Road Workphoto credit: shutterstock

Best Boxing Moves for Women: Road work

Road work is the oldest trick in the book for boxing. Traditionally, road work should be done at a decent jogging pace for a range of 30 to 60 minutes. A more modern approach would be a 20-minute maximum run at an 80 per cent effort. Wearing layers adds a classic twist to the jog causing your body some additional discomfort simulating the stress of a real boxing match.

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best boxing moves for women, DJ Laperle trainer

Meet your trainer: DJ Laperle

The best boxing moves for women you just read about were picked by DJ Laperle, the managing partner and master trainer at Studio KO – a celeb favourite for gyms. With 15 years of boxing experience, Laperle has become a leader in the Canadian boxing community and an authority on box-fit programming. Throughout the years Laperle has developed a variety of effective training methods that focus on building lean muscle mass, improving cardiovascular abilities and maximizing calorie burn. Applying these methods to the authentic box-fit classes he has taught for the past eight years has not only delivered results for his clients, it has earned him a loyal following. Innovative training techniques continue to drive Laperle’s success in the business. With a commitment to being the real deal in boxing meets fitness, he has developed a unique program for Studio KO that teaches real technical boxing, with precise conditioning methods used by professional athletes.