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5 diabetes-friendly bread recipes

These satisfying diabetes-friendly bread recipes offer a variety of healthy options for any occasion’from tea time to an evening snack. As always, consult your doctor about any changes to your meal plan

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sesame twists

Sesame Cheese Twists

These crisp sesame cheese twists are delicious served fresh from the oven. Enriched with egg yolks and flavoured with Parmesan cheese, they are made with a combination of wholewheat and all-purpose flours, so they are substantial without being at all heavy.

Get the recipe: Sesame Cheese Twists

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tuscan bean crostini

Tuscan Bean Crostini

Here’s an appetizing snack to be enjoyed hot or cold-toasted slices of baguette topped with a creamy white-bean puree flavoured with garlic and thyme, and finished with tomato slices and arugula leaves. These Tuscan bean crostini are ideal to serve with pre-dinner drinks.

Get the recipe: Tuscan Bean Crostini

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goat-cheese toasts

Goat-Cheese Toasts

Indulge your guests with these tasty morsels, made by topping toasted slices of crusty baguette with slices of plum tomato and tangy goat cheese, sprinkled with pine nuts and fresh herbs. Light goat cheese is used to reduce the fat content without sacrificing the delicate flavour and soft, spreadable texture.

Get the recipe: Goat-Cheese Toasts

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light rye bread

Light Rye Bread

Rye flour is lower in gluten than wheat, so it produces a close-textured, moist loaf. Caraway seeds are a traditional seasoning, complementing the nutty rye flavour to make an excellent light rye bread that goes well with soft cheeses.

Get the recipe: Light Rye Bread

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tea bread

Black-Currant Tea Bread

Tart black currants make an enticing tea bread that is fruity without being too sweet, while mint adds a fresh, herbal note. Orange juice is used to enhance the flavour of the bread and decrease the amount of sugar needed in the recipe. If you have extra black currants, make a few loaves of bread and freeze them for up to 2 months.

Get the recipe: Black-Currant Tea Bread

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