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4 dance-inspired workout moves from Tré Armstrong

Pump up the music and keep yourself as trim as a dancer with these four workout moves shown here by Tré Armstrong, a judge on So You Think You Can Dance Canada

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She’s got the moves

How does So You Think You Can Dance Canada judge and dancer extraordinare Tré Armstrong keep such a lean, fit figure and the ability to jump so high? Dance, of course-which she does for three hours per week, on average. (It’s great for toning and cardio.) Plus, there’s her weekly co-ed basketball game, which helps with the leaps. Her best workout advice: “Just keep moving.” So crank up your liveliest mix of tunes, warm up with three or four minutes of your coolest dance steps and then try these four workout moves.

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1. Hip Swings with the Beat

Works: Arm, abs, calves, thighs

Start at standing with arms by sides. Step feet apart and bend knees slightly. Swing hips and arms to left shifting weigh onto left leg (A). Hold one second.  Then swing hips and arms to right with the rhythm of your workout music (B). Hold one second. Swing hips between the two sides for three minutes-or the length of your favourite tune.

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2. Dynamic Shoulder Rolls

Works: Works front and back of shoulders, abs

Start at standing with arms by sides. Step right leg forward, bending left knee. Roll shoulders forward and up (A). Hold for three seconds. Bonus: Tighten abs for an added “crunch.” Roll shoulders back and down (B). Hold for three seconds. Repeat for thee minutes, or one workout tune.

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3. Firm Your Booty Leg Lifts

Works: Glutes, abs, shoulders

Get on the floor on elbows and knees (A). (Though Tré has her head up so we can catch her amazing smile, it’s best to keep your neck straight and facing toward the floor-but do keep the smile!) Lift left leg up, keeping your foot flexed and squeezing your glutes, hold for two seconds (B). Return to starting position. Do 15 to 20 reps. Switch legs.

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4. Stretch and Reach for the Sky

Works: Calves, thighs

Start at standing with arms by sides. Step right leg back, while bending left knee and swinging right arm up and left arm back (A). You should feel a stretch in your right calf. Hold two seconds. Bring right leg forward, bend knee and stand on left toes (B). Hold for two seconds. You should feel a stretch in your left thigh and calf. Bonus: Helps improve balance. Do 8 to 10 reps. Switch sides.


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