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16 more ways life is better when you’re fit

Besides the obvious advantages, like a reduced risk of cancer and heart disease, these added incentives to get fit make it even more worthwhile

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woman in paris

Travelling is easier

1. Going to Paris? No need to figure out the Métro; you’re much happier to explore on foot. (And that crème brûlée now comes with minimal guilt.)

2. Taking a flight? You’ll have extra room in the seat. And since you’re more flexible, you can easily tuck your legs up underneath you, and do stretches on long flights.

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pantry groceries

Daily chores are a breeze

3. Gardening, weeding, walking the dog: You now think of this stuff as fun-and a chance to suck up some fresh air.

4. Carrying big bags of groceries is easier.

5. Reaching up to change a lightbulb while balancing on a ladder? Piece of cake.

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raw chocolate

Life’s daily indulgences

6. More muscle means you burn calories faster-so having dessert is definitely not off limits.

7. You can have more fun with your kids: roughhousing, playing Wii, bicycling– you name it.

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back exercise dumbbell weight woman

No more embarrassment

8. You know that lumpy back fat around your bra? Gone!

9. You’ll never be asked, “So, when’s the baby due?” (unless, of course, you have a due date).

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friends hike 257

You can do activities you’ve always wanted to

10. Want to hike down to that waterfall? Go for it; you’ll be able to make it back up easily.

11. You can join sports-loving gal pals on their teams.

12. Your shopping endurance is vastly improved: Since you don’t feel the need to sit down and rest, you can hit more stores in less time.

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People notice your confidence

13. Since you’re sleeping better, you’re sharp and positive every day. What’s next-a promotion?

14. You get compliments regularly, from friends and strangers alike.

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Saving money

15. You’ll save money on OTC cold meds because your immunity is more robust.

16. More flexible? You can DIY-pedicure!

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