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Eat Your Way To A Flat Tummy – No Crunches Required

These foods will not only help burn belly fat, they also boast many other health benefits

What You Need To Know About Gwyneth Paltrow’s Fast Food Guide On Goop

Known for expensive smoothies and difficult detoxes, Gwyneth Paltrow releases something we could actually use: A fast food guide. And...

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5 Reasons Why Eating Breakfast Is The Easiest Way To Lose Weight

Don't skip the most important meal of the day.

15 Diet-Friendly Foods for Your Fridge

If you want to lose weight, always keep these waistline-whittling foods in your fridge

Condiments: 4 swaps to cut calories

Want to cut calories? Swap these fridge staples for alternate options - you won't even notice you're trimming calories

Swap and Drop Food Court: Wendy’s

If your hunger strikes during holiday shopping, choose wisely at the mall food court with these healthier swaps from Wendy's

5 common walking mistakes

Walking mistakes are more common than you might think. Here are five frequent mistakes that could be hurting you or...

Fast-Food Swap: McDonalds

Want to eat better when you're eating out? Make this healthier choice at McDonalds

An easy weight-loss walking plan

Walking is an easy activity that's always accessible. Bonus: It can help you lose weight. Read on for a walking...

5 steps to clearing out your pantry

Organize your kitchen to make healthier eating easy. Here's how to make your pantry easy to navigate

5 grocery swaps to boost your fibre intake

Fresh fruit and vegetables are the best source of fibre, but when you're shopping the grocery store shelves for convenience...

20 diet-friendly pantry foods

If you want to lose weight, always keep these waistline-whittling foods in your pantry

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The best breakfast cereals for your diet

Although regular oatmeal is a great cereal choice in the morning, there's not always time to cook. Here are some...

4 reasons to include more fibre in your diet

Fibre gives whole grains, fruits and vegetables their snap, crunch and crispiness. And since your body can't digest fibre, it...

Fast-Food Swap: Salads

Are salads better than burgers? Not always. Check out these fast-food salad swaps for healthier menu options

Fast-Food Swap: Burger King

Want to eat great, even when you're eating out? Make these healthier choices at Burger King

Fast-Food Swap: Subway

Eat well, even when you're eating out. Make these swaps at Subway to lose weight

5 salads that are worse than entrées

Think salad is always the healthiest option? Think again. You'd be better off swapping these fast-food salads for an entrée

Fast-Food Swap: Taco Bell

Make these swaps at Taco Bell to cut calories, fat and sodium

10 ways to keep your diet exciting

Don't get stuck eating the same thing every day. Here's how to keep your diet exciting so you can stick...

Fast-Food Swap: Tim Hortons

Eating on the go doesn't have to mean eating unhealthy. Try these fast-food swaps at Tim Hortons to cut calories,...

The calories in alcoholic beverages

Calories can really add up when you're consuming them in liquid form. Find out how many calories are in these...

5 grocery swaps to cut salt

We should be limiting sodium to between 1,500 and 2,300 mg per day, because a high-sodium diet has been linked...

Shopping strategies to help you stock a healthy kitchen

Take stock of your pantry and refrigerator to ensure they reflect the healthy person you are

How to socialize and still lose weight

Getting together with family and friends is fun, but don't let socializing sabotage your diet efforts

4 food swaps to boost your fibre

Getting enough fibre has been linked to a reduced risk of heart disease, diabetes, obesity and certain cancers. Women should...

How to lose weight while dining out

Just because you're on a diet doesn't mean you can't go out for dinner. Try these tips for losing weight...

5 sneaky reasons why you’ve gained weight

Feel like you've tried everything to lose weight with no success? Find out what's really causing your weight gain

4 lower-salt grocery options

If you usually buy these common grocery store products, choose the lower-sodium option instead

8 snacking strategies to control hunger

Choosing the wrong snacks, or snacking too often can derail your diet. Here's how to snack smarter