Healthy Eating

15 Diet Secrets Thin Women Know

We've got 15 must-try diet secrets to get you on the road to your ideal weight

Good Fats and Bad Fats: How to Tell the Difference

It's time for some straight talk on fats: here's what to eat and what to avoid when it comes to...

The Benefits of Detox Tea

Summer is prime time for detox diets, so we asked Kate Ross LeBlanc, co-founder of Saje Natural Wellness, for her...

Dietitian-approved ideas for eating better

This year, ditch the restrictive diet resolutions, and instead, opt for small, attainable healthy eating goals

8 ways to feel full faster

Looking to lose a few pounds? One of the simplest ways to do this is by consuming fewer calories. Try...

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5 bad habits that are causing you to gain weight

Inactivity and poor food choices aren't the only things that can cause your weight to creep up. Here are five...

How artificial sweeteners compare

Curious or confused about the differences between artificial sweeteners? Here's what to know

Are these natural sweeteners healthier than sugar?

Are honey, agave nectar and similar products any healthier for you than sugar? We talked to Brooke Bulloch, a registered...

The truth about sugar substitutes

We sifted through the latest research on diet pop and sugar substitutes

Rumble Supershake: The new protein smoothie

Paul Underhill of Victoria was born with cystic fibrosis. The now 44-year-old athlete and entrepreneur created the first formula for

3 vegan ways to boost protein

Adding protein powder to your smoothies is an easy way to increase intake. Here are three brands we love

What can Canada learn from Brazil’s proposed food guide?

This South American country has a unique plan to combat its growing obesity problem

Condiments: 4 swaps to cut calories

Want to cut calories? Swap these fridge staples for alternate options - you won't even notice you're trimming calories

Swap and Drop Food Court: Wendy’s

If your hunger strikes during holiday shopping, choose wisely at the mall food court with these healthier swaps from Wendy's

5 common walking mistakes

Walking mistakes are more common than you might think. Here are five frequent mistakes that could be hurting you or...

Fast-Food Swap: McDonalds

Want to eat better when you're eating out? Make this healthier choice at McDonalds

An easy weight-loss walking plan

Walking is an easy activity that's always accessible. Bonus: It can help you lose weight. Read on for a walking...

5 steps to clearing out your pantry

Organize your kitchen to make healthier eating easy. Here's how to make your pantry easy to navigate

5 grocery swaps to boost your fibre intake

Fresh fruit and vegetables are the best source of fibre, but when you're shopping the grocery store shelves for convenience...

20 diet-friendly pantry foods

If you want to lose weight, always keep these waistline-whittling foods in your pantry

Low-calorie summer drink recipes

Toast to summer with an antioxidant-packed cocktail or a lower-calorie glass of beer or wine

The calories in bottled beverages

A thirst-quenching drink can help cool you down while boosting hydration. But some bottled beverages are higher in sugar than...

7 secrets of the perfect weight-loss breakfast

When you need to drop a few winter pounds, the solution begins with breakfast. Here are seven fat-fighting ways to...

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The best breakfast cereals for your diet

Although regular oatmeal is a great cereal choice in the morning, there's not always time to cook. Here are some...

News: Is less actually better when it comes to calcium?

Ladies, put down the yogurt. Well, only if it’s jumbo-sized and you already took a calcium pill today. A new

4 reasons to include more fibre in your diet

Fibre gives whole grains, fruits and vegetables their snap, crunch and crispiness. And since your body can't digest fibre, it...

Fast-Food Swap: Salads

Are salads better than burgers? Not always. Check out these fast-food salad swaps for healthier menu options

The calories in Valentine’s Day chocolates

Check out the calorie counts in these sweet Valentine's Day treats to decide which ones to indulge in

Fast-Food Swap: Burger King

Want to eat great, even when you're eating out? Make these healthier choices at Burger King