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Are Cheat Meals Good Or Bad For Weight Loss?

Can cheating on your diet actually help you achieve your weight-loss goals? Many dietitians say yes. Find out how this...

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Power Up Your Breakfast With These 8 High-Protein Breakfast Ideas

A protein-packed breakfast can satisfy your appetite and help you eat healthier all day long.

3 Simple Steps to a Better Breakfast

Make the most of your morning meal with these tips.

What Do Ballerinas Eat?

What kind of nutrients do they need? How much food do they eat in a day? We found out as...

Pippa Middleton’s Diet Before Her Wedding

Pippa Middleton prepared for her wedding day with the Sirtfood Diet. Here's everything you need to know about the high-antioxidant...

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Eat Your Way To A Flat Tummy – No Crunches Required

These foods will not only help burn belly fat, they also boast many other health benefits

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Exclusive: Izzy Camilleri Shares Her Diet Secrets In Her New Book

Award-winning fashion designer Izzy Camilleri has just launched her new diet book: Izzy's Eating Plan. You recognize her designs from...

What You Need To Know About Gwyneth Paltrow’s Fast Food Guide On Goop

Known for expensive smoothies and difficult detoxes, Gwyneth Paltrow releases something we could actually use: A fast food guide. And...

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7 Foods That Can Help Burn Belly Fat

Trading sugary and processed foods with these healthy alternatives can help banish extra fat around the waist.

Top 20 Winter Foods for Weight Loss

Jot these foods down in this week's grocery list.

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Weight-Loss Meal Plan: Lose 10 lbs in 6 Weeks

Lose weight with help from our sensible but delicious meal plan

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10 Fad Diets of the Last 10 Years

These popular diets range from somewhat reasonable to utterly insane, but they all have one thing in common—they focus on...

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5 Reasons Why Eating Breakfast Is The Easiest Way To Lose Weight

Don't skip the most important meal of the day.

10 Best Winter Detox Foods

Julie Daniluk, author of The Hot Detox, chooses her top ingredients for a cold weather cleanse.

7 Ways To Finally Lose Weight In 2017

Losing weight seems to be on everyone's list of New Year's resolutions. But what's the best way to shed pounds...

How to Cleanse and Still Eat Real Food

Considering a cleanse but not sure if you can survive on liquids alone? Luckily, you don't have to. Here's how...

9 Clear Signs You’re Eating Too Much Sugar

You know you're supposed to limit added sugar in your diet, but even if you steer clear of Ben and...

Lose Weight with the 20-Minute Diet

Eat what you want and still lose weight. All you have to do is change the way you eat

What’s Your Weight Loss Personality?

Find out which of these five eating types fits your weight loss personality and get tips on how to stop...

11 Food Habits that Help You Lose Weight

Add these habits to your daily routine and watch the pounds drop off

Make Your Diet Stick: Dos and Don’ts for Success

When it comes to a successful diet, there are three important rules to follow

15 Diet-Friendly Foods for Your Fridge

If you want to lose weight, always keep these waistline-whittling foods in your fridge

12 Simple Ways to Cut More Calories

A few tiny tweaks to your daily routine can help you lose weight and keep the pounds off for good....

Your Favourite Recipes, Paleo-Style

Let's be realistic. A diet that has too many rules isn't one that you're likely to stick with. To help,...

3 Important Diet Changes to Make Today

Switch up a few daily habits ' like replacing white bread with whole grains ' and you'll unlock the secret...

5 Detox Foods Already In Your Fridge and Pantry (Plus Recipes!)

No need to get frustrated with complicated and expensive cleanses! Here are five common detox foods and recipes that will...

The One-Day Detox Diet

A simple, easy 24-hour detox diet to reset your body

5 Detox Diets that are Worth Doing

Starving yourself certainly isn't a good way to lose weight. Luckily, these detox diets promise even better health benefits

Does Intermittent Fasting Really Work?

Two registered dietitians weigh the pros and cons of intermittent fasting as a diet method