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Silken Laumann’s tips for raising healthy kids

Silken Laumann is probably best know for her remarkable comeback from a brutal leg injury to win a bronze medal

Meatless Monday: Mexican Avocado Boats

It’s Cinco de Mayo! Celebrate with this Mexican-inspired Meatless Monday recipe, courtesy of Vega. Ingredients (serves two)‘ 1 ripe avocado‘

‘It works for me!’ – Stephanie Joanne

Growing up in Europe, personal trainer and fitness expert Stephanie Joanne spent her days playing sports with her brother and

News: What your Google search history says about your health

Do you start each Monday with a renewed sense of optimism about how healthy you’ll be during the week? According

Meatless Monday: Vegan Cauliflower BBQ Wings

It’s officially my last week of work here at Best Health (and my last Meatless Monday post) before my mat

Earth Day: 4 eco-friendly product picks

As we reported in our March/April 2014 issue, news about the environment isn’t all bad. In fact, there are 7

News: The activity that can give you younger skin

If you want young, radiant-looking skin, it’s time to lace up your running shoes and tune up your bike. A

News: Want to be happy? Become an extrovert.

With all the research on happiness (and there’s a lot) you would think it’s a complicated state to achieve. There

Event: GlutenFreedom Week launches in Toronto

This May, expect Toronto restaurants to offer more gluten-free options’for a week at least. From May 25-31, GlutenFreedom Week will

Fitness: Do yoga in a museum this summer

Pictured: Yogis at the Grand Palais in Paris during the 2013 Lolë White Tour. I’ve seen yoga done in some

Get up! Why you need to start moving during the day

This week is Sneak It In Week – a campaign from ParticipACTION, a non-profit organization that is fighting against inactivity

Mental illness: University of Alberta students work to break the stigma

As Clara Hughes rolls into Saint John, New Brunswick today to talk about the stigma of mental illness, students in

News: Boost your brain power with green tea

Want to give your brain a boost (and improve your memory)? It could be as simple as upping your intake

A View From Nunavut. Day 7: Saying Goodbye

The community feast. My last day in the Far North coincides with ‘Hamlet Day,’ which involves a Cape Dorset community

Fitness: Nike unveils Free 1.0 Cross Bionic

Pictured above is basketball star Skylar Diggins. You can find her new HIIT workout on the NTC+ app. Yesterday I

News: Vitamin A fights precancerous cells

One of the best parts about working at a health magazine is researching the latest advancements in disease-prevention. It’s hopeful

A View From Nunavut. Day 6: Sharing Experiences

The beautiful, desolate Nunavut landscape. I spent the unusually long, cold and snowy Toronto winter bundling my two little kids

A View From Nunavut. Day 5: Dreams Come True

Matthew Jaw building an igloo. I watched an igloo get built today. The EatFit team along with the Stratford kids

News: Want to lose weight? Get up to watch the sun rise.

Ah, morning light. It might be something you only have time to appreciate on summer cottage weekends with a lounge

Why we’re running to raise money for Camp Ooch

Best Health’s Jennifer Masseau (Associate Editor, Beauty & Fashion) and Melissa Greer (Content Producer) have committed to running and raising

A View From Nunavut. Day 4: Now We’re Rockin’

Some of the Eat Fit group out for a walk. Finally, on Day 4, the sun has come out, everyone

A View From Nunavut. Day 3: Now, That’s a Blizzard

A boat frozen in Cape Dorset Bay (Image: Jenny Hueston) Today, while much of southern Canada is finally welcoming spring,

News: Reduce your risk of death by 42 percent with fruits and veggies

If you don’t eat at least seven servings of veggies and fruit a day, you might want to start. A

A View From Nunavut. Kids & Food: Day 1 & 2

On Saturday, as I walked onto the tarmac in Ottawa to fly North to Iqaluit en route to Cape Dorset,

Meatless Monday: Angel Hair Pasta with Kale-Walnut Pesto

Yesterday, Toronto was sunny and beautiful – for a minute, it actually felt like spring. I  opened the windows in

Making Healthier Habits: The upside of being connected

I’m about to embark on a weeklong journey to Nunavut with a group of dynamic individuals and passionate high school

Clara’s Big Ride: Clara in Montreal

Clara Hughes cycled into chilly Montreal yesterday – day 13 of her Big Ride for mental illness, which Best Health