5 Facial Serums That Will Help You Score Better Skin

Facial serums are ultra-nourishing and loaded with antioxidants. Here are 5 of our favourites

Tennis Pro Ana Ivanovic Shares Her On-Court Essentials

Style tips and skin essentials from tennis pro Ana Ivanovic

Skin Rehab: How to Reverse the Sins of Summer

Pollution, sweat and summer's strong UV rays contribute to dullness and accelerated aging. Here's how to reverse skin damage

Facial Massage and Other Skin Secrets

Facial massage is the latest Asian beauty trend to make its way to North America. Here's more on the benefits

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What is Forma and How Can it Make Your Skin Firm & Young?

This cutting edge treatment is a perfect way to tone and tighten skin without any down time. Looking for a

What to Look for When Buying a Sunscreen

Navigating the sunscreen aisle can be confusing. For clarity, Health Canada has created labelling standards for sunscreens sold in our...

Sun Protection for Every Inch of Your Body

A plethora of SPF products means that there's something for everyone. Whether you prefer a mist, cream or powder, here's...

Sunscreen Rules You Need to Follow

A plethora of SPF products means that there's something for everyone. Yet, skin cancer statistics reveal that we're still not...

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The Quest for Beautiful Skin: What is a FotoFacial and how does it work?

Do you ever wonder how some of Hollywood's stars look so radiant? Well, the secret is out! Read more on...

3 Self-Tanners to Try this Summer

Bronzing formulas have come a long way in recent seasons. The latest self-tanners have been taking on double-duty, with high-tech...

What did sun protection look like 25 years ago?

Surprising facts about the history of sun protection.

5 Skin Issues You Can Solve Before Summer

With summer just around the corner, it's time to embrace flirty skirts, shorts and bathing suits. But is your skin...

Long-weekend sun safety tips

How to protect your skin from the sun's UV rays, while still enjoying your weekend.

3 eye creams that will help you look rested

The skin around your eyes is thin and delicate which means extra-special treatment is necessary. Here are 3 eye creams...

9 creams, serums and masks to firm and lift skin

Not ready to go under the knife or visit the doctor? Here are 9 options to help you stop sagging...

Solutions for sagging skin and the dreaded double chin

Whether you want to plump, tighten or lift, there are plenty of options out there

Pollution-proof your skin

Everyday air pollution is an inescapable consequence of city living. Here's how to protect yourself

The benefits of body scrub, plus our top product picks

The benefits of body scrub go beyond exfoliation to include relaxation, detoxification and more. Here's more on why the pros...

Wake up looking fresh-faced and bright-eyed. Here’s how

Overnight masks are a must-have for fresh, supple skin. Brimming with hydrators and antioxidants, they help reduce nightly moisture loss....

Dry skin: Head to toe moisturizing solutions

Are you suffering from itchy, dry skin? Must be winter in Canada. The good news is there are plenty of...

Itchy, flaky skin? Get relief for psoriasis

Psoriasis wreaks havoc on your quality of life. But there is help

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Why charcoal is our new favourite beauty ingredient

This year, you'll be happy to find coal in your stocking. Read on to find out why companies are adding...

How to deal with varicose veins

Varicose veins can be embarrassing, and even painful. Luckily, there are some solutions

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Are the chemicals in sunscreen safe?

We looked into it to get the bottom line and the truth about sunscreens

Sun-safety advice from the experts

We asked four dermatologists for their best skin-protection advice

9 new rules for sunscreen

The arrival of summer signals a renewed effort to wear sunscreen on a daily basis, but are you aware of...

9 new broad-spectrum ways to stay sun safe

Your skin will stay calm, cool and protected this summer with these great new sunscreens