Personal Care

Discover ways to keep your body feeling good—from the best bath salts and bombs for a relaxing soak to products that’ll treat your foot woes.

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8 Personal Care Product Upgrades You Never Knew You Needed

Try these cool new alternatives for your most-used toiletry items.

23 Best Skin Care, Makeup and Haircare Gift Sets for the Holidays

These beauty sets make great gifts for just about everyone in your life (and are also a great way to...

You May Want to Swap Your Shaving Cream for a Shave Bar

Your shaving routine is about to get more eco-friendly—and hydrating.

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6 Bath Products That’ll Help You Escape Reality and Relax

Dip into the bath with one of these products and feel your woes melt away.

This Soap Brand Is Sharing the Healing Power of Inuit Tradition

“There’s nobody in the world who does what I do," says Bernice Clarke, the co-founder of Iqaluit-based wellness company Uasau...

7 Beauty Products That Will Tend to All Your Foot Woes This Summer 

Blisters, corns, stinky soles—consider these common foot problems things of the past. Here are the foot products you need this...

Why You Should Dump Your Plastic Loofah for an All-Natural Alternative

Plant-based and compostable bath sponges, scrubbers and loofahs not only get you clean but they’re great for the Earth too.

What Is Water Flossing — And Why You Should Try It

We tried water flossing two weeks, and now we’ll never look back.

The Best Face Moisturizers for Your Skin Type

Follow these dermatologist-approved tips to find the best facial moisturizer for your skin type, from normal to mature skin.

7 Body Parts You’re Not Washing the Right Way

From your scalp to your toes, there are several body parts you've been washing in ways that are inefficient or...

Do Lip Masks Really Work?

Before you buy a lip mask, read our multi-person review first to know if it's worth it.

Relief Is Here! Here’s How To Soothe Your Painful, Itchy Sunburn

You did everything you could to protect your skin from the sun but somehow it still got you. Here's how...

Why You Are Not Getting Results From Your Serum – You’re Using It Wrong!

If you haven’t noticed so much as a glow from your skin, then you just might not be wearing the...

A Facialist’s Top Tips On Saving Every Skin Type From This Dreaded, Cold Winter

Whether it’s dullness, acne, or dark spots, winter is not making it better. But with tips from a pro all...

What’s New With Face Masks? A Whole Lot!

Face masks are having a moment Like a statement bag or gorgeous hair, great skin is a sign that you

Make Your Face Mask Work Harder, And Get Even Glowier Results

Don't stress about your skin – you might get a pimple. Try a mask, and armed with our tips and...

“I Transformed My Skincare Regime Into A Holistic Beauty Routine, And Then Started My Own Comp...

Frustrated with the skincare products that were available, Jean Eng wanted holistic beauty routine. And her research lead to her...

Why, As Adult Women, Are We Getting Acne, Pimples And Zits?

What is causing our acne? You'd think as soon as we left high school we'd be past that stage. But,...

7 Sneaky Reasons You’re Having an Acne Breakout

But more importantly: How to stop pesky acne flare-ups.

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Fresh Ink? The Best Way To Take Care Of Your New Tattoo

New tattoo after care can be stressful – no one wants to ruin fresh ink with scarring and dull colours....

These Tips Will Fix Your Undereye Circles, And Maybe For Good

From skin concealers to fillers and injectables, find how how you can send your undereye circles (aka undereye bags) packing....

How To Fix Cellulite – Fast!

No judgement. No Shame. But if bumpy bits have got you down, here are some suggestions on how to get...

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Hello Gorgeous Skin: The 3 Best Ways To Protect Your Skin

Worried about a skin issue like dark spots, spider veins or acne? We've got the skin fixes that will help...

No More Spider Veins – For Now, Forever

No need to fear shorts seasons with our spider vein-fighting tips. Your legs will look gorgeous, lean and smooth.

He Said, She Said: Do Dry Masks Work?

Find out as we do a thorough review, with both sexes road-testing the Charlotte Tilbury Instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet...

Spring clean your cleansing regimen

If it's been awhile since you updated your daily cleansing regimen, it might be time to revamp your routine

DIY beauty: Kitchen cures for glowing skin

The ingredients you need for great skin can all be found in the kitchen. Here's how to make your own...

Does Shaving Make Hair Thicker?

If you opt to remove excess body hair, you likely do so hoping it doesn't come back thicker or darker....