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The smell of spring

As winter drags on, my spirits could use a little lift. Apparently, Canadian beauty blogger Kristen Vinakmens feels the same.

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Higher ab fat = higher dementia risk

A compelling study in the medical journal of the American Academy of Neurology concludes that participants with the most belly

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Runner’s high: A legend no more

No doubt you’ve heard that intense exercise, such as running, causes a flood of endorphins – the body’s feel-good chemical.

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Have your bread and eat it too

Over at Noshtopia this morning, they’re talking about ways you can still say “yes” to the bread basket when dining

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Reduce stress, buy a purse

Okay, it’s not in a store near you yet, but the Ladybag is bound to be soon! Six women at

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Cigarette manufacturers still underwriting studies on lung cancer

A pivotal 2006 study on lung-cancer screening, published in the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM), was funded in

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Your spouse and your diet

When it comes to weight-loss, your spouse or partner can be your best friend, or your worst enemy, new Canadian

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And the hormone debate continues’

Two new studies are adding fuel to the debate about the safety and benefits of HRT (hormone replacement therapy), used

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Four-eyed women, unite!

New research from the University of Melbourne reveals that people who wear glasses aren’t nerds or social outcasts—in fact, they’re

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Another reason to hang up the cellphone

Assume the hands-free phone in your car means you are in full control on the road? Think again. Or better

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A weighty cancer concern

Obesity may not raise your risk of developing breast or cervical cancers, but it could raise the risk of not

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Canada’s most expensive condition

Heart disease, stroke and other circulatory diseases cost acute-care hospitals the most to treat—an average of $11,260 per patient stay—according

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What women really, really want

Forget the foreplay. A poll of 1,300 moms by Parenting Magazine found that 15 percent of women get hot and

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Two weeks to a bulging belly

Take a two-week vacation from the gym and you may not see a huge difference in how your jeans fit,

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Six more weeks of winter and I’m not complaining…

So the groundhog got it wrong, says Canada’s chief weatherman, Dave Phillips. While last week was supposed to mark the

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