Want to know how to create a 90s blowout at home? Wondering if you should a waterless shampoo? Here are expert-recommended hair tips, editor-loved haircare products and hairstylist secrets you’re going to want to know.

The Best Ways to Care for Grey Hair

Deciding to embrace silver strands can be a liberating experience for some women (wave goodbye to the upkeep and the costs that go with it), but how do you make sure your hair still looks and feels luscious?

Is Hard Water Ruining My Hair?

A chemistry expert weighs in.

Should You Be Using Clarifying Shampoo?

It can leave hair cleaner, shinier and bouncier—but is it right for your hair type? An expert weighs in.

Why You Should Tell Your Derm About Hair Loss

Your dermatologist isn’t just a skin pro, they can also help you with your locks. Here’s how.

5 Reasons to Stop Washing Your Hair

One writer finds out why the "no 'poo" movement is gaining momentum. Plus, here's how you can ditch the shampoo...

A Clean Beauty Company Inspired by the Science of Ayurveda

“It’s important to have authentic voices bringing these products and ingredients forward. Not just for the sake of representation, but...

Your Hair’s Biology Changes as You Get Older, and So Should Your Haircare

Your go-to products may not be benefiting your locks like they used to—here’s why it may be time to try...

What’s a Scalp Serum and Do I Need One?

An expert weighs in on the benefits of scalp serums, and we round up six of our favourites.

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38 Secrets Your Hair Stylist Won’t Tell You

Hairstylists share their secrets for saving money, getting a great hair cut, and more.

We Tried Everist’s Waterless Shampoo

Best Health tried out this Canadian brand’s waterless shampoo and conditioner to see if it’s an eco-win.

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18 Products to Tame Frizzy Hair

Don't like what the summer heat and humidity are doing to your hair? The trick is to work with, not...

How Much Should You Tip Your Hairdresser?

Knowing this will save you some salon awkwardness.

Is It Scalp Psoriasis or Dandruff? Here’s How to Tell the Difference

Is your dry, flaky scalp caused by dandruff or scalp psoriasis? Here are pictures that can help you tell the...

3 Essential Ways to Care for Your Hair This Summer

Say so long to fading, dryness and frizz. Here's how to protect hair from sun, sweat and salt water and...

How to Do a 90s Blowout at Home

“The Rachel” is back—and an expert shares how to create the look.

Baobab: How One Trendy New Ingredient Fights Dry Hair

It’s the ideal ingredient for nourishing dry strands and preventing split ends.

7 Dry Hair Tips to Keep Your Locks Happy All Winter Long

Winter weather (and staying indoors with the heat cranked) can make your hair frizz out. Here are some expert tips...

How to Care for Curls and Coils at Home

Because your curls deserve the best.

How to Trim Your Hair at Home

A hairstylist shares her tips for cutting your hair at-home.

Is the Manta Hair Brush Worth The Hype?

The brush with the famously weird shape keeps winning fans around the world.

Are You Washing Your Hair Properly?

Hair washing might not be as easy as lather, rinse, and repeat. Here's how to properly wash your hair with...

Do Shampoo Bars Work?

These low-waste shampoo alternatives are popping up everywhere, but how do they differ from traditional liquid shampoo?

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9 Things You’re Doing to Your Hair That a Stylist Wouldn’t

The secret to healthy hair all comes down to what you shouldn’t do. Here's what the experts wish you wouldn't...

Everything You Need to Know About Scalp Care, the Latest Trend in Skin Care

Skin care for your scalp is one of the hottest beauty trends, but more importantly, it just might transform your...

Healthy Hair, Uncomplicated with Herbal Essences Aloe & Hemp Collection

Get the healthy hair you deserve with a natural, botanical-based shampoo and conditioner.

7 Sneaky Reasons Your Hair May Be Turning Grey

If you're looking in the mirror and wondering what causes grey hair, here are the factors that can play a...

The Root Cause of Thinning Hair and Hair Loss for Women

It's not just hair. There, we said it. Our 'dos are deeply entangled with our identities, our self-confidence and even...

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12 Expert Tips for Touching Up Your Roots at Home

A hairstylist shares his tips for achieving a natural-looking at-home dye job.

The Trendy Hair Product Ingredient That Fixes All Your Hair Woes

It nourishes your scalp to alleviate irritation and hydrates strands to make them silky smooth.

How a Celebrity Hairstylist Gets Her Clients’ Hair So Good

Celebrity hairstylist Bridget Brager shares eight tips for choosing and creating a red carpet-worthy hairstyle.