Wrist action: How the newest activity trackers get you fit

Gone are the days of a simple pedometer. The latest activity trackers record data from all aspects of your life

Wrist action: How the newest activity trackers get you fit

Source: Best Health magazine, September 2014; Image by Tracy Shumate

1. Misfit Shine
Track your activity’from swimming to sleeping. Double-tap the screen and a halo of lights reveals how close you are to your daily goal. View steps, distance and calories burned using the Misfit Shine app ($120).

2. Fitbit Flex
Record steps, distance, cal­ories and ‘active minutes.’ A silent alarm gently vibrates to wake you, and data syncs to the Fitbit app where you can log information like food intake ($100).

3. Sony Smartband
Yes, this records exercise, but also social activity, including time spent listening to music or on a call. View data with the Lifelog app ($100).

4. Polar Loop
This bracelet shows steps, calories and time of day on its LED display. Use the app to monitor your daily, weekly and monthly progress ($120).

5. TomTom Runner Cardio GPS

Before a run, select one of five intensity zones and its heart rate monitor will alert you to slow down or speed up as needed. Its GPS helps you map routes, and the large display makes it easy to read stats like pace, distance and time ($270).

6. Samsung Gear Fit
A built-in heart rate monitor and a stopwatch make this a great fitness coach. Stay connected with instant notifications of calls, texts, emails and more ($220).

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