What it’s like living with mental illness

Mental illness often appears in unsuspecting ways, and cannot be identified by an extra five pounds. Here, three Canadian women share their stories

What it's like living with mental illness

Source: Web exclusive, April 2012

We spend a large part of our lives trying to perfect our physical health. But, mental health is an equally important aspect of well-being. Mental health issues can affect anyone, but most illnesses are highly treatable by working with a physician and psychologist or psychiatrist.

Best Health has created a series of web videos to explore mental health issues. The following are three Canadian women who share their experience about the symptoms, diagnosis and recovery of their illness.


Inside mental illness: Anorexia

Jessica has been battling anorexia for over half her life. Her illness has forced her to put her dreams and education on hold as she says, ‘You can’t work or go to school with a full time eating disorder.’ Since this video was shot, Jessica has made tremendous progress at a live-in eating disorder treatment facility.


Inside mental illness: Schizophrenia

Laura has taken everything she learnt from her diagnosis with schizophrenia to help others accept their own mental illness. In 2009, she was awarded with the Inspiring Lives Award from the Mental Health Foundation of Nova Scotia for her advocacy and work with various mental health organizations. Laura is currently pursuing a Masters in Drama Therapy from Concordia University in Montreal.

Inside mental illness: Alcoholism and bipolar disorder

Susan is a mother, wife, friend and business owner, first. She is also a recovering alcoholic and lives with bipolar disorder. After her long awaited diagnosis, Susan reclaimed her life and is now a beacon of hope and recovery. Through hard work and determination, she has lead a stable life for over a decade.

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