How to Get Your Bike Ready for Spring Riding

Ready to roll? Use our checklist before your first bike ride of the season.

tune up your bike

How to Tune Up Your Bike

1. Check that the wheels are secure and the tires are inflated above the recommended minimum air pressure (it should be indicated on the sidewall of the tire).

2. Pull the brake levers, one at a time, to ensure that they’re grabbing the wheel properly.

3. If your bike has suspension or hydraulic disc brakes, check for oil that’s pooling or leaking.

4. Clean your chain with a dry rag and apply chain lube (choose one that matches the conditions you ride in) evenly across the chain, wiping away the excess.

5. Visit a bike clinic once a year. The sporting store MEC offers free inspections, where a bike pro identifies any tune-ups that could improve your ride, as well as any larger repairs that may be needed to ensure your safety.

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Originally Published in Best Health Canada