Spring Well in Whistler

Come rejuvenate your mind, body and soul in Whistler’s wonderful world of wellness.

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The escape you crave

Picture this: Tall trees in vast forests, massive mountains, bright sun, and air so fresh it’s fragrant. June brings longer days so you can comfortably stay outside from your morning hike to your evening hot tub, with epic adventures in between. You entered this natural wonderland to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, but now you’ve almost forgotten all about it. The weather’s getting warmer and spring is in bloom. You feel at one with nature – fresh, rejuvenated, alive. You’ve embraced pure relaxation. Your mind, body and soul are nourished. Take another deep breath. You’ve found wellness in Whistler.

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Embrace active relaxation

It doesn’t have to be gruelling…you don’t even have to break a sweat. Easy activity is both soothing and rejuvenating. From mountain to forest to lake (and indoors, too), Whistler boasts a bounty of ways to boost your step count, stretch those sore muscles and meditate in movement. So pick your pace, embrace an activity, and put that phone away! Whistler’s wellness offerings will provide all the entertainment you need.

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THRIVE Bucket List: Get moving and feel good!

  1. Hike next-level nature. This isn’t your everyday walk in the woods. Explore the 50-plus kilometers of mountain terrain and take gondolas to high-elevation trails to be rewarded by the greatest views!
  2. SUP on the idyllic waters. Go for a guided paddleboard tour, and practise balance on a freshwater lake surrounded by mountains and old growth forests!
  3. Do yoga, Whistler style. Think: Yoga in an art studio, yoga on an ancient glacier, or yoga on a lake.
  4. Get your best time yet at the Whistler Half Marathon (June 3-5) or the Whistler X Triathlon (June 11-12). Cheer crews are welcome, too!

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Eat, drink and be healthy

From fine dining to grab-and-go, Whistler is a veritable smorgasbord of healthful flavour. Local eats? They’re all about farm-to-table. Gluten-free? You’re good to go. Vegan and vegetarian? From special menus to devoted meat-free restaurants, you’ll find a multitude of options. So, find a picturesque patio and savour every nourishing moment!

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NOURISH Bucket List: We hope you’re hungry!

  1. Relish in a curated culinary experience at the new Spring Culinary Series brought to you by Cornucopia June 3-19 – think multi-course harvest dinners by celebrated chefs, an Indigenous Wellness Feast, field trips to local farms and guided horticulture walks.
  2. Craving local eats? Try the farm-to-table dinner menus at Hunter Gather, Barefoot Bistro, Alto Bistro, and Elements Whistler, which serve up fresh seasonal flavour.
  3. Go for gourmet and plant-based. Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, or simply a fan of plant-based fare, Whistler exemplifies meat-free excellence. Fuel up at the Green Moustache (that Pad Thai though), grab a smoothie on the go at Hundo-P, or satisfy your vegan baked good cravings at Purebread. Find vegan and gluten-free options at Earls, Braidwood Tavern, Creekbread and more.
  4. Find local foodie snacks and souvenirs at the Whistler Farmer’s Market, open every Sunday starting May 22.

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Find your inner peace

Relaxation, redefined. There’s something about Whistler air that makes you primed to unwind. And luckily, this place is packed with health-fuelled ways to rest, revive, and relax. From meditating in the middle of its lush forests to being soothed at its many spas, Whistler is where you go to let your worries slip away!

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REVIVE Bucket List: Stress? We’ve never heard that word!

  1. Take in the sights, smells and sounds of the forest as you forest bathe – an ancient Japanese tradition proven to reduce stress. Hint: Leave your phone in your purse or pocket!
  2. Plunge into Scandinave Spa for some Nordic-style hydrotherapy, which is said to soothe sore muscles, boost your immune, detox your body, and help you sleep better!
  3. Get a massage at one the many spas, like Nita Lake, Whistler Day Spa, Four Seasons and more.

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Escape to wellness in Whistler today!

Book 3+ nights this June and receive a free $100 Wellness Voucher. Learn more at whistler.com/wellness.

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