Reebok’s New Sports Bra is Made From the Same Technology Used in NASA Space Suits

Plus, it fits like a glove.

Reebok PureMove Bra, sports braphoto credit: Reebok

With today being the official launch of the new Reebok PureMove Bra in Canada, it’s safe to say that this is an exciting time in sports bra history. Not only because this is a bra that supports every type of workout (from low to high intensity), but Reebok is also the first fitness brand to ever integrate the same technology into their product that’s used in NASA space suits.

This technology is called Motion Sense Technology — and if we’re getting technical, it involves the merging of performance-based fabric with STF (Sheer Thickening Fluid). This is a gel-like fluid that is infused throughout the entire bra’s fabric, modifying naturally to your level of workout intensity. So if you’re in a state of calm doing yoga, the fabric will release into a liquid, and if you’re doing a workout of a higher intensity, like running or HIIT, the fabric will stiffen. The idea is that the bra will minimize bounce and customize support where you need it most. In other words: this bra is a chameleon.

The real kicker is the development process: it took three-years in total, which means precise sports bra testing was involved. The use of 54 motion sensors to be exact (as indicated on Reebok’s website), which is way more than the mandatory four, according to industry standards for testing.

And although the bra’s sizes range from an XS to XXL, Reebok is now offering an extended size range for those who are in between the standard bra sizing for a more tailored fit. I think it’s safe to say, this really is a bra designed for the active woman in mind.

Would I recommend the Reebok PureMove Bra?

In a heartbeat! Recently I put Reebok’s PureMove Bra to the test through an empowering workout led by three incredible ambassadors for the brand (Bachelorette star Kaitlyn Bristowe, Hourglass Studio owner, Sue Galluzzo, and creator and CEO of JOGA, Jana Webb (Find out the top 5 life lessons she’s learned.)) at Move Fitness Club. The workout consisted of three unique fitness sessions, curated by each woman, that had me working up more of a sweat than anticipated. From HIIT, a full-body band workout to restorative yoga, this sports bra got quite the tryout.

In regards to the bra itself, I found it to be very supportive (even for my small breasts). I wear an XS and sometimes I find that due to not having much cleavage to fill out a sports bra entirely, the band itself will often feel quite loose. But this bra didn’t have that issue and stayed perfectly fitted to my body, without a single budge. I also loved the fact that I never felt distracted or taken away from my workout because I never had to adjust my bra, which is a serious score in my books. Basically, the bra fit like a second-skin, morphing to my body’s shape from the moment I put it on.

Oh, and, the breathability of the fabric is unreal! Often my sports bras will become very damp (even soaked) after a hard-hitting session, and in this case, the bra felt pretty darn dry.

My only concern:

The only thing I would want consumers to be aware of is the removal of the bra after a sweaty workout session. The reality for me was that I had a hard time taking the bra off. Due to their not being much stretch to the fabric, it was not the easiest to maneuver out of. But nonetheless, I have continued to use this bra since then for my weekly at-home yoga workouts and in-studio spin classes.

This has actually become a go-to sports bra in my fitness wardrobe, and every time I wear it, I feel like my girls are in check. I mean, what more could you want from a sports bra?

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Reebok, sports braphoto credit: Reebok

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