How To Wear Red Eyeshadow Like A Boss

Red eyeshadow isn’t as scary of a shadow colour as you might think. It’s gorgeous, actually –especially if you apply it wear it this way.

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This will have you seeing red – red eyeshadow

If you’re even a bit experimental with makeup then it might not shock you to see red eyeshadow at the beauty counter. But if you are more of a nudes or stick with a specific look, then this can seem a bit OTT. But Instagram makeup celeb, Caitlin Marks, who worked with Deck of Scarlet to create the foiled red shadow called Caitlin.

First, why I love red shadow. It’s close to brown and there is a softness to it, so I don’t feel the same pressure I do from black eyeliner. It’s different enough that I feel special when wearing it. And it feels more “fashion” than any other colour shadow I have in my makeup bag.

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Here is how to apply it

And Marks seems to agree with me. She tells me to wear red as an updated smokey eye look. She says to use a deep brown shadow along the crease and outer corners of the eye. Then apply the red eye shadow on the lid and blend out. “Don’t forget to apply the shades on the bottom lash line, from there build up and blend out,” she says.

Too daring for you? Try red eyeshadow along the lash line as an eyeliner. “It adds nice shimmer,” she says. “Use an angled brush and mixing medium or a setting spray to create a strong bold graphic liner look.” Add a few coats of mascara. “It looks beautiful with a neutral or nude lip or you can try it with a similar shade of red on the lip for a trendy, monochromatic look.”

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Before you head out the door, check yo’self

Marks warns that even a bit of redness in the skin and eyes, and this shadow will make you look even more flush or red-eyed. So use eye drops, like Visine, and concealer and a primer for any redness you may have.

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