This Is the Real Key to Weight Loss, According to Science

It’s not complicated. It’s not expensive (unless you want it to be). It’s actually very simple. It’s all about sticking with your routine.

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The secret to weight loss is in you

When it comes to weight loss, there are plenty of different unconventional avenues to achieve your goal. Turns out you can do pretty much anything, as long as it is consistent for weight loss.

For example, you can take any of these fun gym classes. Or, maybe you can just dedicate yourself to catching up on sleep – this method scientfically works! Or, next time you have a craving for that bag of pork rinds, maybe just pick up this nut it’s proven to suppress snack cravings.

As great as the legitimate methods listed above are at helping you reach your goal, it’s really the larger-scale lifestyle decisions that will guarantee a big change.

You need to be consistent for weight loss to be achievable

According to a study published in Obesity, consistency is key.

The study included 183 overweight or obese adults and their efforts to live a healthier lifestyle and drop some pounds. The participants were entered into a weight-loss program and had their weight measured and studied each week.

The study also included an assessment meeting at the six-month mark, the 12-month mark, and the 24-month mark.

The study found that participants who had higher weight variability early on in the study were far less likely to sustain weight loss by the time they hit the 12-month and 24-month marks.

Reduced to a takeaway: The more consistent someone is with their weight-loss routine, the more likely they are to make a habit out of it, and in turn sustain the losses that coincide with regular exercise/diet.

It is worth noting that the study was composed of mostly women (81%) who were mostly caucasian and from the greater Philadelphia area, so environmental conditions could’ve played a role as well.

So if you’re hoping to see a big change in your weight, keep up with your health goals for the best results.

So drink that kale smoothie every morning on the commute to work, go for a walk every day at noon, eat a hot pepper and burn a bunch of calories at 2 p.m., and hit the gym every night right after work. (We won’t hold it against you if you ditch the pepper.)

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