Quiz: What’s Your Ideal Summer Scent?

Lighten up your mood with a refreshing summer scent that will put a little pep in your step. Not sure which fragrance is for you? Take our quiz

Quiz: What's Your Ideal Summer Scent?

What is your favourite summer outfit?
a] A breezy white sundress
B] A floral-print caftan and bejewelled sandals
C] A chic short suit with sleeveless blazer

It’s a sweltering Saturday night. Your go-to drink is:
a] A crisp glass of rosé
B] A refreshing pitcher of fruity sangria (to share!)
C] A gin and tonic ‘ don’t forget the lime

You only have one week off this summer. You’d love to jet off to:
a] A little beach on the Mediterranean, complete with delicious, picturesque dinners by the sea
B] Bali, for a revitalizing retreat of yoga and secluded meditation
C] A museum and gallery-hopping tour of scenic Berlin

When you treat yourself to fresh-cut flowers, you usually choose:
a] Roses, peonies or hydrangeas ‘ it’s always so hard to choose
B] Bright orchids or birds of paradise ‘ something exotic and colourful
C] Everything and anything white

Mostly A’s?
You’ll love’ Dolce & Gabbana Dolce Floral Drops Eau de Toilette, $98 for 50 mL
This white floral scent has a refreshing twist thanks to top notes of neroli leaves and papaya flower.

Mostly B’s?
You’ll love’ Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Teazzurra Eau de Toilette, $70 for 75 mL
This revitalizing fragrance sparkles with the freshness of chilled green tea, bergamot and exotic yuzu fruit.

Mostly C’s?
You’ll love’ Atelier Cologne Collection Azur Mandarine Glaciale Cologne Absolue, $90 for 30 mL
This unique scent is light and citrusy yet unexpectedly sophisticated with notes of mandarin, ginger and vetiver.


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