Kristen Bell Tells Us, ‘Anxiety Is Really at the Forefront of My Brain at All Times’

We chatted with the Frozen II and The Good Place actress to find out what she's been up to.

When Kristen Bell isn’t busy conquering Hollywood, or expanding her line of clean, affordable baby products (Hello Bello), she’s trying to keep it together in a pandemic, just like the rest of us. Here’s how:

Best self-care

“I prioritize working out every single day. I reiterate to my daughters all the time that I couldn’t care less what shape my body is in; I work out for my mind. I don’t know how working out for 30 minutes makes my mind calmer, but it does. It’s the easiest way to help fix any sort of mental anguish.”

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Best pandemic silver lining

“I’ve gotten to know my family members in a different way. I’ve had very in-depth conversations with the friends that we’ve been quarantining with, with my husband and my kids, that are exposing me to new qualities in their personalities that I would have otherwise have taken for granted.”

Best challenge

“I’ve had a ton of anxiety over the past few weeks — I think it’s probably the state of the world. My hope is that we can fix some of these issues that we are all being exposed to right now that are necessary to learn about.”

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Best habit

“It’s a two-way tie between meditating and working out. I know that it seems like a very ‘California’ thing to say, but those two things have helped my brain settle and be peaceful more than anything else.”

Best mantra

“Anxiety is really at the forefront of my brain at all times, and I think that’s because of maybe not feeling good enough. I like to reiterate the Eleanor Roosevelt quote ‘No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.’ It puts me in a power position because I have to consent, so I’m not going to.”

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Originally Published in Best Health Canada