Your Hair’s Biology Changes as You Get Older, and So Should Your Haircare

Your go-to products may not be benefiting your locks like they used to—here’s why it may be time to try something new.

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There are a few things we tweak as we get older to better suit our ever-changing needs. Maybe we swap our acne-fighting skin care products for ones that deliver greater hydration or change up our daily to-do list to prioritize activities we know will help us feel good. And then there are the things we forget to tweak but could better address our new needs—things such as haircare.

Just like our skin and priorities, our hair changes as we grow older, and that’s something to celebrate. Spirit and confidence don’t dwindle as the years go on, nor should our love for our hair—and the right hair products can help ensure that. Hair Biology understands that and that is why they created products that work with our changing biology as we age.

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Hair Biology offers a line-up of products formulated specifically for the haircare wants and needs we face as we get older. Whether you experience hair thinning or dryness, want to brighten grays or boost your hair quality, there are products that can help get your strands to your ideal state. What’s more: Every product by Hair Biology is formulated with biotin, which is known to support healthy-looking hair, and is free of parabens.

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Here’s how to find the best Hair Biology products for you, based on your haircare concerns:

The Concern: Thinning, Lack of Volume

If you’re bothered by seeing a little more hair in your hairbrush or shower drain, or perhaps a little more of your scalp than you can remember seeing before, Hair Biology’s Full & Vibrant line can help. The shampoo and conditioner will weightlessly cleanse and nourish hair, bringing fullness to thin and flat hair., For an extra boost, the Full & Vibrant Thickening Treatment is formulated to thicken strands instantly, and looks as if you’ve added 6500 more strands.

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The Concern: Dull Grays

Have gray hair that’s looking dull or yellow? Try Hair Biology’s Silver & Glowing Collection. From pollution, UV rays or hard water minerals, dullness can be caused by many factors. To combat external aggressors, the Purple Shampoo and Purple Conditioner work together to nourish and cleanse locks, removing residue that dulls hair and counteracts yellow tones for stunning, shiny silver strands.

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The Concern: Hair Quality and Overall Lacklustre Locks

Did you know that as we age, time and damage can cause irregular hair shapes, creating more frizz and flyaways. The Hair Biology Argan Oil Taming Serum wrangles wayward grays, frizzies and flyaways while smoothing ends. It also helps strengthen hair to protect against damage, while adding a delectable shine. The best part: Its suitable for all hair types—from curly to fine— because of its weightless formula and texture that nourishes hair without weighing it down.

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