A Love Letter to Florida Orange Juice

Why Florida Orange Juice is the healthy comfort I crave…constantly.

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I heart Florida Orange Juice!

Florida Orange Juice, that cup of sunshine. Breakfast companion. Midafternoon perk-up. Mimosa must. The Original Wellness Drink. As much as the world changes – and boy, has it changed this year! – one thing that stays the same is the love I have for 100% orange juice. It’s nostalgic (it’s been a staple at family breakfast for as long as I can remember). It’s also trendy (and essential to the mimosa brunches I host for my gal pals). In between the past and present, there are about a million reasons that I always have 100% OJ stocked and ready to be sipped – and here are just a few of mine.

It’s a healthy meal companion.

Breakfast just isn’t breakfast without a cup of Florida Orange Juice. But lately, I’ve been learning how to savour 100% OJ beyond the sips, and incorporating into tasty recipes, too. For breakfast? Tropical Granola. Dinner? Poached Salmon. And when I need a healthier option for dessert? Orange Dreamsicle Italian Ice (it’s so good that I make it to indulge as an afternoon boost, too).

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It’s The Original Wellness Drink.

Not only is Florida Orange Juice easy to incorporate into any meal, but it packs a powerful health punch, too. Known as The Original Wellness Drink, Florida OJ and the nutrients it provides support huge overall health benefits, from helping to fight inflammation to supporting cognitive function and kidney health. Full of vitamin C, to help support glowing skin, and citric acid, it’s great for iron absorption from plant-based foods (which helps build red blood cells and keep you strong). Best of all, it’s heart healthy, with some studies showing it may help reduce blood pressure and bad cholesterol.

It can boost energy.

Need a big energy boost? Florida Orange Juice has got your back. When I’m headed into an afternoon lull, I reach for 100% OJ. When I get home exhausted from a long run, I drink a glass to bring me back to life thanks to its energy-boosting nutrients like magnesium as well as vitamin B6 – not to mention natural sugar and easy hydration! It’s the perfect post-workout pick-me-up.

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It helps fight the winter blues

What is it about Florida Orange Juice that just seems to brighten any day? This little cup of sunshine brings a bit of summer to even the darkest winter days, but it’s also an essential elixir for cold and flu season. 100% OJ is packed with antioxidants and other nutrients that help with immune system support. It’s also a source of comfort and nutrient rich calories when you feel too sick to eat. Add it to your Chicken Noodle Soup, or transform it into a comforting tea. You could even make it into a bath bomb for yummy steam therapy.

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It’s helps you #Be100%

The best thing about Florida Orange Juice? It holds a special place in anyone’s lifestyle. It’s tied to memories and remedies, habits and comforts. It tastes amazing all on its own and adds brightness to recipes for any meal. It’s the versatile drink that you can always enjoy in whatever way is best for you. It’s the drink that says: Be 100% you. So tell us, what does Florida Orange Juice mean to you?

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