Breathe Easy with Filtrete™ Filters

Winter is coming. Here’s why you need to up your filtration game – and how to do it!

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Breathe easy?

The average adult takes about 20,000 breaths per day. That’s 20,000 opportunities to breathe in the contaminants that pollute our air. According to the EPA, pollutants are three to five times more powerful inside than out. On top of that, Health Canada reports that we Canadians spend 90% of our time indoors – and even more in winter. And as we seal the cold air out, we’re also sealing in bacteria, viruses, mould, pet hair, unseemly odours and more. But that’s not all!

Let’s talk microparticles.

The air may look clean, but microparticles like dust, mite debris, pollen – even powdered sugar – are 99% invisible to the eye. What’s more? They can make up a whopping 99% of the air we breathe! So, with temperatures dropping, and winter looming, it’s time for a gentle reminder to filter the air we breathe as best we can – with a trusted brand like Filtrete™.

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The indoor air effect.

There are considerable health risks that come with simply breathing indoors. The British Columbia Centre for Disease Control (BCDC) reports that poor indoor air quality has numerous side effects, including headaches, tiredness, coughing, sneezing, sinus congestion, shortness of breath, dizziness and nausea. It can irritate the skin, eyes, nose or throat. It can cause allergy and asthma symptoms to get worse. Think of it this way – the smaller the microparticle, the harder it is to capture, and the longer it stays in your lungs.

(Air)quality control.

So how do you take change of indoor air quality? The BCDC lists a number of ways to improve air quality at home, but at the top of the list? Control the sources (vacuum regularly, mitigate dampness, and don’t burn incense or smoke inside), improve ventilation and, importantly, change those air filters regularly. Needless to say, not all air filters are created the same, and it’s key to find a brand you can count on. Enter 3M’s Filtrete™ filters, which have improved the air quality of millions of homes in the company’s 25-year history. Indeed, in its whopping quarter-century-long lifespan, Filtrete™ Filters have leveraged leading engineering and innovation to keep homes safe, in effect becoming one of the most trusted indoor filtration brands on the market today.

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It’s down to science.

What’s so great about Filtrete™ Filters? The science is simple but powerful. Designed to capture airborne allergens, Filtrete™ Filters use proprietary electrostatic charges to attract and trap those microscopic particles. They’re like magnets for mould, pet hair, dust, mite debris, bacteria and more. They trap microparticles in as air flows through.

Pick your filter.

When shopping for Filtrete™ Filters, looks for the proprietary Microparticle Rating (MPR rating) to pick a filter that suits your family’s needs. With specialized filters that target allergens, odours, smoke, pet hair and dander, and even viruses and bacteria, Filtrete™ Filters makes it easy to choose. Simply log onto, click on your biggest concerns, and find the filter that suits you.

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Air, purified.

To amp up your line of defence against particles, microparticles and more, consider an air purifier. Filtrete™ Brand’s new line of Room Air Purifiers are fitted with a True HEPA Filter, which can help capture 99.97% of particles both micro and major – making it among the most powerful on the market. Of course, even air purifiers need their filters changed regularly. So how can you stay on top of it?

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Filter maintenance.

There aren’t hard and fast rules about how often you should change your air filter – it comes down to use and lifestyle. Factors like pets, number of people and smoke all affect your changing schedule, but luckily, Filtrete™ Filters have an app for that. Customized to your lifestyle, Filtrete™ Smart App can track your filter life, remind you when it’s time for a new one, and even provide tips and tricks to help you manage your indoor air to keep you breathing easy all winter – and year! – long.

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